Student Fails at Humor

The drake meme: Writing a satire vs. Writing a satire about satire

The one joke? / Memelord: Thian Armenia

This article is not funny, and only one joke will be told. If you want a laugh, you will not find it here. Go read some of the other articles, because I assure you there is nothing funny in this article. Humor is often difficult for me to understand, so I will be taking an objective, unfunny, and some might say overly-analytical look at a number of commonly heard jokes.

Ah, the knock-knock joke. Commonly — however, not always — followed by “who’s there,” this timeless classic is wonderful fun for the whole family. Knock-knock jokes guarantee a mid-range level of humor. They are easy to set up but hard to get perfect, and this means they are mainly used in a casual setting.

The “yo mama” joke: blurring the line between humor and bullying, these insulting jokes will show you very quickly and decisively whether you know your audience. Some stand by them as a staple of humor. The majority think they are immature and should never be used again. One interviewee remarked: “Shakespeare made jokes like that so I think it’s kind of okay to use them from time to time.”

And finally, the low-effort off-brand joke: the meme reference. These take no delivery talent and no sense of humor. They can be used by anyone who can memorize a five-second clip of a Cowbelly video. That being said, knowing a lot of them can be seen as a show of power in some cliques, and they are puzzlingly popular among the current high school demographic.

It has become clear to me through writing this article that my sense of humor is hopeless and I will never understand what is “funny.” I would say I am sad, but I am not. I expected nothing more because humor is subjective. It stands to reason that objective analysis would then mean nothing. Thanks for reading.

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