Meet The Staff

Maya Heikkinen

Editor-in-Chief, Co-President, Reporter

Maya Heikkinen is a senior returning for her fourth and final year as a part of The Viking Voice. Maya originally joined the newspaper because she enjoys writing, as well as the satisfaction of accomplishing something. However, along with those factors, she has also remained on the staff for the unique group dynamic the club has to offer, and all of the fun afternoons spent laughing over tiny grammatical errors.

Maya still lacks confidence in her ability to run the newspaper without Paris Wilson, who showed her many keyboard shortcuts in moments of struggle, but plans to continue to expand all of her editing, leadership, writing, computer, and layout skills this year with The Viking Voice, pass on some knowledge to new staff members, and have a productive last year. She feels that she mostly contributes to the club with her writing/editing skills and responsible, thorough work style. She encourages all to join The Viking Voice because it is definitely the superior club.

Outside of working on the newspaper, Maya primarily enjoys gardening and being in nature.

Arla Sutton Bio Pic

Arla Sutton

Managing Editor, Co-President, Reporter

Arla Sutton, a senior, has been on The Viking Voice staff since her sophomore year when Maya Heikkinen, as the lone sophomore in the club, convinced her to join under the promise that “you don’t even have to write anything!” However, Arla continues to report for The Viking Voice and deems it the most productive club at OIHS. Arla has always enjoyed the quirky and diverse staff, and hopes that as managing editor this year she can keep that dynamic alive.

Arla participates in soccer, crew, Environmental Club, Key Club, and is the senior class president. She enjoys nicely bossing people around (and insists that this is, indeed, a thing). In her occasional free time, Arla enjoys baking, swimming, and rearranging her room. However, Arla is known for overcommitting herself and can often be seen running around school or town with her head on fire.

Landon Carter


Landon Carter is a high school junior. It is his third year working on The Viking Voice staff, and he hopes to learn all that is involved in making a newspaper great.

He also enjoys hiking, eating, and being around people. Soccer is his favorite sport, and he is also a member of Key Club. As a Viking Voice staff member, Landon wants to focus on informing readers about school events and activities.

Molly Troxel

Copy Editor, Reporter

Molly Troxel is a junior joining The Viking Voice for the first time. She hopes to learn about the process of publishing a newspaper, as well as improve her writing and editing skills.

When she is not working on homework or participating in school clubs, Molly enjoys reading and making art, although due to her acute ability to bite of more than she can chew, she has very little time to do either.

Thian Armenia

Web Editor

Junior Thian Armenia has been living on Orcas since 2010 and is a current student at Orcas High School. He enjoys creating “real” art but also doodling while he’s taking notes in class. Armenia also loves playing video games like Minecraft and Roblox while listening to loud music. On top of this he still tries to be a good student and is aiming to go to college for a master of science. Armenia is excited to be a part of this year’s Viking Voice Staff and hopes to be a helpful and reliable member of the team.

Izie Janecek

Copy Editor, Reporter

Izie Janecek is a junior and this is her second year in the Viking Voice as a reporter/comes to layout person. Izie will also be a copy editor and public relations officer this year. She decided to join newspaper on a whim after feeling bored at lunch on the first Thursday of her sophomore year. Izie fills her time during the school year with three sports and five clubs, none of which are better then Viking Voice, obviously. She loves being under trees, rowing, trail running, looking at succulents, pulling invasive weeds, swimming in the lake and watching baking shows. Izie hopes to entertain her audiences with cleverly crafted satire and news stories. Izie also hopes to finally learn how to use InDesign so she can be a bit more useful in layout.

Portia White


Portia White is a junior at Orcas Island High School, and it is her first year on The Viking Voice staff. Many members of the newspaper have been trying to convince her for the past two years to join the club, and she finally gave in. In her free-time, Portia enjoys playing sports, and is a part of the basketball and softball team at the high school. She has been playing sports since she was four years old and they have always had a major role in her life.

Being her first year on the staff, Portia is hoping to learn as much as she can about newspaper publication, as well as everything that it takes to get the paper ready for print.

Birdie Greening


Birdie Greening is a senior at Orcas Island High School. Because she loves being involved in a communal effort to get something done, Birdie joined The Viking Voice after three years of pondering with the idea. Birdie is also co-president of the Environmental Club, and a member of Key Club. Aside from clubs, Birdie is active in soccer, basketball, and crew.

Outside of school, Birdie enjoys painting, cooking, reading, and being in nature. Birdie hopes to integrate her love for art and her aptitude for organization in the process of laying out the newspaper.

Gray Gailey

Reporter, Ad Sales, Photographer

Gray Gailey is a freshman at Orcas Island High School who moved to Orcas three years ago from LA. Besides The Viking Voice, she is also a part of the Environmental Club, Key Club, Next Generation, and IRHI.

In her free time, Gray enjoys dancing, spending time with friends, baking, and taking photos. She hopes to improve both her writing and editing skills this year on The Viking Voice.



Nisha Woolworth is a freshman and is enjoying her first year at Orcas Island High School as well as her first year with The Viking Voice. As a new member, Nisha hopes to experience the complete process of what it takes to produce a newspaper and would also like to improve on her writing and layout skills. Nisha loves to travel, eat yummy food, and learn about different cultures. Some other clubs Nisha spends her time in are Environmental Club, Key Club, and Next Generation.

Throughout the school year Nisha also participates in sports such as soccer and crew and has recently declared snowboarding as her winter sport. When Nisha is not partaking in sports and clubs she is likely to be baking, spending time with her family, or hiking around one of the lakes on the island. Nisha is excited to begin her first year as a member of The Viking Voice and will try her best to be a helpful and dedicated member of the club.

Bella Evans

Reporter, Ad Sales

Bella Evans is a freshman at Orcas Island High School. Apart from being involved in The Viking Voice, she is also a member of Art Club, Environmental Club, Key Club, Next Generation, and IRHI.

She is the freshman class president, plays softball and is also very active in theater. Bella is hoping to develop her writing and layout skills this year through The Viking Voice.




Ed is pleased to be a part of The Viking Voice and proud to be the paper’s mascot. He was born and raised in the slums of the San Juans, yet heroically clawed his way out of his unfortunate circumstance with grit, determination, and his two small fingers.

The Viking Voice staff discovered Ed buried in a dirty recycle bin. Staff members picked him up, brushed him off, and made him part of the team. Ed’s inspiring story is currently being made into a motion picture starring himself. Be sure to watch for “Ed! The Inspiring Story of Ed” hitting theaters this December.

In his spare time Ed enjoys inspiring communities and being the best darn little mascot that he can be. The staff looks forward to Ed’s contributions to the newspaper as they hold him dear to their hearts.