Meet The Staff

Ellie Wright

Editor-in-Chief, Reporter, Poetry Columnist, Layout, Photographer
Ellie Wright is a senior enjoying her fourth and final year as a part of the Viking Voice. She is a dancer, a writer, and an artist of many other mediums. She joined the newspaper in her freshman year to gain experience as an aspiring journalist.

Caden Bradshaw

Caden Bradshaw isn’t good at most things. However he has discovered that he enjoys and is decent at writing. So why not join a club almost entirely about writing.


Naia Buxbaum

Reporter, Web Editor
Naia Buxbaum is a freshman at OIHS who joined Viking Voice to gain experience in journalism. She is also a part of GSA and enjoys reading, drawing, and baking in her free time.

Scarlett Coffey

Reporter, Editor
Scarlett Coffey is GSA president and also a member of Key Club. She enjoys baking, reading, and having giant biceps from scooping ice cream. She joined the Viking Voice to edit and see Mr. Waage.

Eve Eon

Webmaster, Secretary, Reporter, Layout, Photoshopper, Photographer
Eve is a Senior at OIHS and is in her 4th year in the Viking Voice. She mainly writes HTML markup for the club, takes minutes, and, once in a while writes an article… or two. Eve is also in GSA, Key Club, IRHI, and is a PTSA Student Representative. She joined Viking Voice as a Web Editor and Secretary Freshman year; in Sophomore year, she got a promotion to Webmaster, while still holding the position of Secretary for her 4 years in HS (it is a voted position rather than a placement position). She looks forward to teaching the next swath (2) Webmasters the ropes and giving them all the (hopefully wisdom) that she has learned over the 3 years. She also enjoys music and playing electric/acoustic guitar while alone in her home.

Mirah Guzauskas

Columnist, Web Editor, Reporter
Mirah is an outgoing and passionate freshman who loves to produce music and drink hot tea. She joined to engage with her community and to gain a new useful hobby.

Sylvia Johnson

Sylvia is a Junior, and this is her first year at OIHS and at the Viking Voice. She joined to have fun writing and reporting, and she loves dancing, baking, and playing guitar.

Moose Kinsey

Cartoonist, Reporter
Moose is an award-winning artist who creates comics and writes articles for The Viking Voice. This is his fourth year as a staff member of the Orcas Island High School Newspaper, and he joined because of his love of storytelling. Moose enjoys maths, filmmaking, 4-H, sports, sailing, performing arts, and keeping up with all things on the ranch.

Dagny Krüger

Photographer, Reporter.
Dagny participates in the GSA club, and is on the high school Sailing Team. She recently joined the Viking voice as a junior because she wanted to get as much experience in different writing techniques as she could. Some say “boat” is her only personality, and her cat is supposedly immortal.

Juliette Mckenney

Reporter, Columnist, Layout
Juliette is a Junior who is now in her second year with the Viking Voice. She joined to gain experience with journalistic writing and to keep up with the flow of news. She is part of the school’s Gender Sexuality Alliance, and she enjoys sailing, baking, and playing guitar.

Hazel Mckenzie

Hazel Mckenzie is a Freshman who loves the rain, taking walks, and doodling on math homework. She joined Viking Voice because all of her friends were there, and she didn’t want to eat lunch alone.

Royce Tye

Reporter, Photographer, Layout
Royce is a devilishly bodacious Sophomore just trying to make it in a cruel, harsh world. He loves guitar and is a self-proclaimed music nerd. He also loves nature and mushroom hunting. Royce joined Viking Voice to explore a new hobby and gain “powerful connections…”

Tommy Sprenger

Tommy is a 9th grader at OIHS. He enjoys art, cooking, and playing guitar. Tommy joined Viking Voice to improve his writing skills, make friends, and be a part of something fun and interesting.

Mia Topacio Flores

Treasurer, Ad sales, Reporter.
Mia is a freshman at OIHS and enjoys baking, knitting, running, and watching rom-coms. She is also a member of Next Generation and Key Club, and joined the Viking Voice to explore and gain experience in careers in writing.

Will Stephens

Layout, Photographer
Will joined this year, as a Senior. He is a member of Key Club, Island Reproductive Health Initiative, Gender Sexuality Alliance, and Film Club. He joined the Viking Voice because he was interested in understanding how the Viking Voice worked and had the lunch period free. He also thought he would be in a good position, as a member of the Track and Cross Country teams to provide photos of the teams for stories.

Theo Vaccarella

Theo is a senior who is on his third year in the Viking Voice. He is also a member of Film club and Key club. Some of Theo’s hobbies include running and baking. Theo joined the paper to develop his creative writing skills in a fun environment.

Jacob Wright

Facebook Admin, Advertising, Reporter
Jacob Wright is a 9th grader who is interested in current events and world issues. He is passionate about public transit, 40’s music, golf, and history. He hopes to gain insight into the world of journalism and the processes behind it.

Emma Yerly

Interested in cats, Korean media, and maintaining good grades. Joined to be in a club & build up resume (and was a bit pressured by Mr. Austin).


Mascot Emeritus
Now retired, Ed is pleased to have been part of The Viking Voice and proud to have been the paper’s mascot for eight years. He was born and raised in the slums of the San Juans, yet heroically clawed his way out of his unfortunate circumstance with grit, determination, and his two small fingers.
In his retirement, Ed is a valuable outside consultant to the newspaper staff. Even though he is no longer involved in the paper’s day-to-day activities, the staff still holds him dear to their hearts.