Meet The Staff

Paris Wilson


Paris Wilson is a high school senior (aah!) and is excited to start her fourth and final year contributing to the school newspaper as the editor-in-chief.

She currently wants oreos and recalls fond memories of when alumnus McCabe Webb was still here to accompany her in their co-editor-in-chief endeavors, including hoarding the sour cream and onion Lays chips at their shared desk during layout, secretly passing the curiously strong cinnamon Altoids under the table during meetings, drinking soda at the computers, and listening to their favorite station on Pandora while editing stories and doing layout.

Maya Heikkinen

Editor-in-Chief, Co-President, Reporter

Maya Heikkinen is a senior returning for her fourth and final year as a part of The Viking Voice. Maya originally joined the newspaper because she enjoys writing, as well as the satisfaction of accomplishing something. However, along with those factors, she has also remained on the staff for the unique group dynamic the club has to offer, and all of the fun afternoons spent laughing over tiny grammatical errors.

Maya still lacks confidence in her ability to run the newspaper without Paris Wilson, who showed her many keyboard shortcuts in moments of struggle, but plans to continue to expand all of her editing, leadership, writing, computer, and layout skills this year with The Viking Voice, pass on some knowledge to new staff members, and have a productive last year. She feels that she mostly contributes to the club with her writing/editing skills and responsible, thorough work style. She encourages all to join The Viking Voice because it is definitely the superior club.

Outside of working on the newspaper, Maya primarily enjoys gardening and being in nature.

Margot Van Gelder


Senior Margot Van Gelder is returning to The Viking Voice this year as a reporter and possibly as a layout person. She is involved with Next Generation and is an acclaimed history geek. Theatre is one of her central interests. She is a member of Actors Theatre and has participated in a few school theatre productions. Her other passion is horses. She has been riding since she was nine and competes at the County Fair every summer with her horse Abbie. Other interests include reading, music, nature, running, and various craft projects.
Van Gelder feels that she has improved as a writer over the summer and is eager to try writing some interesting stories to share. She hopes that this coming time with The Viking Voice will be educational, and she wants to inform and entertain readers with her articles.

Meg Waage

Reporter, Photo Editor

Meg Waage is currently a senior and has been a member of The Viking Voice since she her freshman year. Waage pursued the position of a photo editor over section editor as she has difficulty spelling simple words like clishe chilche cliche. Waage is one of the members of The Viking Voice staff that feels the Oxford comma is important, however she is so bad at grammar she often forgets it. Waage encourages students to join The Viking Voice, as she believes it is the best club in the high school. She also encourages people in The Viking Voice to go to, and help at, layout sessions (there are snacks, and it’s fun).

Waage would also like to take a moment to remember that Altoid addiction is a real issue and if you know someone who is struggling with it, The Viking Voice is there for you.

Emma Thoron


Hunched over her computer with her curly brown hair tied back in a ponytail, Emma Thoron could be any other overloaded and underslept high school student. She, like many others, is focused on school so that she may go to college and then grad school before starting a long and hard career. But don’t let this image of single minded studiousness fool you. When Miss Thoron does manage to stop her hands from creating computer programs and her head out of U.S. History, she enjoys preserving jam, discussing marketing techniques with her father, and visiting art museums.
Currently, Miss Thoron is a senior and has been with The Viking Voice since her first year of high school. She is a reporter and marketing manager. Miss Thoron is hoping that the journalistic skills she will learn for The Viking Voice will make her college application essays less dull. In the past few years, she has found that while writing for The Viking Voice can be hard—alright, super hard—the fun and learning involved is immeasurable.
Contact her at if you want to advertise your business!

Tim Jenson


Tim Jenson is a high school senior who wishes it to be known that he is finally tired of talking only to his French horn. Joining The Viking Voice, he correctly concluded, would be a great way to make new friends and develop his creative writing talents.

In addition to playing his instrument and writing, Tim enjoys composing and listening to music, Legos, Magic: The Gathering, kittens, and reading. When asked about what type of articles he would like to write, Tim confessed that he would love to write about anything but sports.

Arla Sutton Bio Pic

Arla Sutton


Arla Sutton is a junior who has decided that with only Environmental Club, 6 classes, soccer, basketball and crew, she is not quite busy enough. She has decided to join The Viking Voice in order to ensure that she has no free time at all, and to learn more about the ins and outs of publishing a paper under a strict deadline. In her occasional free time, Sutton enjoys traveling, reading, playing soccer, basketball, and rowing. She is also grateful for Fridays, the invention of pie, puppies, and the holidays.

Sutton is looking forward to contributing to The Viking Voice and hopefully learning more about the process of publishing a newspaper from beginning to finish.

Landon Carter


Landon Carter is a high school sophomore. It is his second year working on The Viking Voice staff, and he hopes to learn all that is involved in making a newspaper great.

He also enjoys hiking, eating, and being around people. Soccer is his favorite sport, and he is also a member of Key Club. As a Viking Voice staff member, Landon wants to focus on informing readers about school events and activities.

Thian Armenia

Web Master

Sophomore Thian Armenia has been living on Orcas since 2010 and is a current student at Orcas High School. He enjoys creating “real” art but also doodling while he’s taking notes in class. Armenia also loves playing video games like Minecraft and Roblox while listening to loud music. On top of this he still tries to be a good student and is aiming to go to college for a master of science. Armenia is excited to be a part of this year’s Viking Voice Staff and hopes to be a helpful and reliable member of the team.




Ed is pleased to be a part of The Viking Voice and proud to be the paper’s mascot. He was born and raised in the slums of the San Juans, yet heroically clawed his way out of his unfortunate circumstance with grit, determination, and his two small fingers.

The Viking Voice staff discovered Ed buried in a dirty recycle bin. Staff members picked him up, brushed him off, and made him part of the team. Ed’s inspiring story is currently being made into a motion picture starring himself. Be sure to watch for “Ed! The Inspiring Story of Ed” hitting theaters this December.

In his spare time Ed enjoys inspiring communities and being the best darn little mascot that he can be. The staff looks forward to Ed’s contributions to the newspaper as they hold him dear to their hearts.