Meet The Staff

Ellie Wright

Co-Editor In-Chief, Reporter, Columnist, Photographer, Layout

Ellie Wright is a sophomore enjoying her second year in high school, and second year as a part of the Viking Voice. She joined the newspaper to gain experience for (hopefully) a future job in journalism. Ellie had experience writing fiction and poetry in the past, and is enjoying the new experience of writing as a reporter.

Ellie has been involved in dance and theatre here on Orcas for twelve years, and even choreographs her own dances. She is a proud plant parent of twenty-eight and counting, and loves spending afternoons sitting with them and a cup of tea, reading a book.


Eve Eon

Web Editor, Secretary, Layout

Eve is just starting her Sophomore year at Orcas Island Highschool. She has lived here since the 2nd grade and has been visiting and spending summers on Orcas since she was an infant. She is in The Viking Voice, Drama Club, and Key Club. She has an interest in technology and hopes to explore that in The Viking Voice.

Apart from her beloved dog Raven, her other interests are baking (as a hobby of course), playing guitar (also as a hobby), singing (in the car), reading online stories, and overthinking school assignments.
*there was more, but since then, she found it was too much to put in a bio*

Finn Rubottom

Reporter, Layout, Photographer

Gray Gailey

Co-Editor In-Chief, Layout

Gray Gailey is a Junior at Orcas Island High School. This is her second year working on the Viking Voice staff and she looks forward to learning more about the publishing process and what it takes to edit a newspaper.

Besides the Viking Voice, Gray is also in Key Club, Next Generation, and Racial Equity Club. Outside of school, she enjoys spending time with friends, baking, taking pictures, and traveling.

Hunter Knapp

Reporter, Layout. Photographer

Hunter Knapp is a junior at Orcas Island Highschool, and this is his first year on The Viking Voice. He has been visiting the island since before he can remember but only moved full-time in 2020. Hunter joined the newspaper because he was curious about what went into making a publication.

Bella Evans

Co-Editor In-Chief, Layout, Columnist, Photographer

Bella Evans is a Junior at Orcas Island High School. Apart from being involved in The Viking Voice, she is also a member of Racial Equity, Gender Equity, ASB, Key Club, Next Generation, and IRHI. When she’s not in school Bella loves to bake, go on runs, hang out with friends, go on hikes, and take photos. She loves learning about new cultures and going on adventures, and is hoping to travel after high school. Bella is hoping to develop her writing and photography skills this year through The Viking Voice.

Jefferson Freeman

Reporter, Sports-Writer

Jefferson Freeman is a sophomore working on the Viking Voice for the first time this year. He has been living on Orcas Island since age 4. Outside the Viking Voice, he plays Soccer, Basketball, and Baseball for OIHS and is also a member of the Model UN Club. He joined The Viking Voice to get into sports writing.

Ryan Krisch Derr

Ryan Krisch-Derr is a Junior at Orcas Island High School. Other than The Viking Voice, Ryan is also a member of Key Club, Next Generation, and IRHI. This is his first year on the OIHS newspaper and his fourth year on the island. Ryan joined the newspaper because his friend joined it, as well as his interest in writing columns. In his free time, Ryan enjoys running, taking pictures, sleeping, and playing table tennis. Ryan hopes to improve his revision and interview skills for college.

 Moose Kinsey

Cartoonist, Layout, Reporter

Moose Kinsey joined the Viking Voice team his freshman year to showcase his comics, but, going into his sophomore year, he has learned far more about the newspaper than he could possibly imagine. Outside of school, he participates in 4-H, sports, sailing, art, dance, theater, and film.


Roan Ontjes-Degroot

Reporter, Web Editor, Layout, Photographer

Roan is a Junior at Orcas Island High School. They joined earlier that year to gain a better picture of what the journalistic and publication process of a newspaper entails.They hope to aid the Viking Voice team in publications and other ventures for their next couple of years as a high school student, and acquire some much-needed technological skills. Apart from the Viking Voice, they are a member of the school’s Key Club, Environmental Club, Next Generation, and the local 4-H chapter. In their free time they enjoy reading nonfiction books some may dub “boring”, and dark fiction novels, watch less than pretentious films, takewalks and contemplate in Orcas’ somber, moss-ridden forests.



Mascot, Columnist

Ed is pleased to be a part of The Viking Voice and proud to be the paper’s mascot. He was born and raised in the slums of the San Juans, yet heroically clawed his way out of his unfortunate circumstance with grit, determination, and his two small fingers.

The Viking Voice staff discovered Ed buried in a dirty recycle bin. Staff members picked him up, brushed him off, and made him part of the team. Ed’s inspiring story is currently being made into a motion picture starring himself. Be sure to watch for “Ed! The Inspiring Story of Ed” hitting theaters this December.

In his spare time Ed enjoys inspiring communities and being the best darn little mascot that he can be. The staff looks forward to Ed’s contributions to the newspaper as they hold him dear to their hearts.