Meet The Staff

Ellie Wright

Managing Editor, Reporter, Poetry Columnist, Layout, Photographer
Ellie Wright is a junior enjoying her third year as a part of the Viking Voice. She joined the newspaper to gain experience as an aspiring journalist.


Bella Evans

Co-Editor in Chief, Reporter, Columnist, Layout, Photographer
Bella Evans is a senior enjoying her fourth year as a part of the Viking Voice. Apart from Viking Voice, Bella is on ASB, President of Gender Equity, Key Club, and Next-Generation, as well as a member of IRHI and a Coalition for Orcas Youth Student Representative. Bella is passionate about softball, writing, travel, photography, and cream cheese bagels. She joined the newspaper to understand more about the publishing process, as well as getting her own writing published.

Gray Gailey

Co-Editor-In-Chief, Layout
Born in LA, Gray Gailey moved to Orcas Island in 6th grade and is now a senior at OIHS. Gailey has been on the Viking Voice staff for four years, two of those as co-editor-in-chief. She is also co-president of Key Club, head teen rep of IRHI, and editor-in-chief of her teen blog, Girl Folk Magazine. In her spare time, Gailey is a mentor at the Funhouse Commons and the social media manager for the Orcas Island Film Festival. She also enjoys spending time with friends, traveling, and learning about fashion.


Elijah Giampietro

Elijah Giampietro is a senior who was born and raised entirely on Orcas. A high affinity for writing and interest in a career as a journalist led him to join Viking Voice senior year. He has been playing Bassoon and Clarinet in the school band since 5th grade.


Eve Eon

Webmaster, Secretary, Layout, Photographer
Eve is a Junior at OIHS. She has been on the island full-time since she was 7. Other than the Viking Voice, Eve is in the Drama Club, Key Club, IRHI and is the Student Representative of the PTSA. She has been Secretary since her Freshman year and has been the Webmaster of the Viking Voice since the beginning of her Sophomore year. Eve’s increasing interest in technology has helped her get to her position at the Viking Voice after entering as a Web Editor freshman year.

Hans Sprenger

Reporter, forgets meetings.
He is a student at Orcas Island High school, his name is Hans and he has two cats.




Hunter Knapp

Reporter, Photographer, Layout
Hunter is a senior at Orcas high school. This is his second year on the Viking Voice and he joined because he was curious what went in to making a publication. He is a member of the Key club and Drama club as well.

In his free time, Hunter enjoys reading, video games, and taking pictures of his cats.


Juliette McKenney

Juliette is a sophomore who joined the Viking Voice team this year to gain experience with journalistic writing. She is the Vice President of the Gender Sexuality Alliance. She enjoys baking, reading, and spending time with friends outside of school.


Logan Jones

Reporter, Layout, PR
Logan is a senior at OIHS. He is the President of the school’s Magic the Gathering Club. Logan enjoys spending his time reading history books and playing games with his friends. He also has been a percussionist in the school band since 5th grade. His curiosity about journalism is what led him to joining the Viking Voice.



Lucia Martin Caro

Lucia is an exchange student from Madrid and is an Junior at OIHS. She is only involved in the Vikings Voice! She really enjoys writing, taking photos and editing.




Meriel Griffith

Cartoonist, Writer
Meriel is a Senior at OIHS. And this is her first year in the Viking Voice. Meriel enjoys playing her guitar, hanging out with her friends, and lifting heavy things in the local gym.



Moose Kinsey

Cartoonist, Writer
Moose Kinsey has been a part of the Viking Voice since he was a freshman. Now a junior, he has some years of experience under his belt when it comes to cartoons. Moose enjoys making comics, films, and other art.






Roan Ontjes-Degroot

Reporter, Layout
Roan is a current Senior at Orcas Island High School. Roan joined the Viking Voice team junior year to gain a better picture of what the journalistic and publication process of a newspaper entails. Though they have written some articles, Roan particularly enjoys the lay-out process, with all its pleasant repetition and reformatting.

Apart from the Viking Voice, they are a member of the school’s Key Club, Environmental Club and Next Generation. In their free time Roan enjoys reading nonfiction books some may dub “boring” and dark fiction novels, watch less than pretentious films, and take walks and contemplate in Orcas’ somber, moss-ridden woodland.

Ryan Krisch-Derr

Reporter, Layout, Columnist, Treasurer
An avid fan of taking pictures, Ryan spends his free time taking photos, listening to music, and sleeping. Ryan is the kind of person who would bag your groceries with care and compassion, along with starting a pleasant conversation. He hopes to gain creative writing and digital layout skills from this club.


Sam Wickstrand

Sports-Writer, Co-PR
Sam is a senior this year. Along with the Viking Voice, he is also involved in the Drama Club.

He has lived on the island full-time since August of 2021. In his free time, he enjoys reading books, playing video games, and watching sports. He joined the Viking Voice because his friends in the club convinced him to.


Scarlett Coffey

Scarlett Coffey likes most things, including tea and books. She does GSA and loves Maddie the librarian and GSA advisor. She likes editing things, and Mr. Waage, so Viking Voice would seem appropriate.


Theodore Vaccarella

Theodore Vaccarella is a Junior at Orcas Island High School. Viking voice is the only club he is in so far. He enjoys running in Cross Country, playing piano, and baking tasty treats. His favorite subject is world history. He joined the Viking Voice last year to develop writing skills and have fun with friends.




Mascot, Columnist

Ed is pleased to be a part of The Viking Voice and proud to be the paper’s mascot. He was born and raised in the slums of the San Juans, yet heroically clawed his way out of his unfortunate circumstance with grit, determination, and his two small fingers.

The Viking Voice staff discovered Ed buried in a dirty recycle bin. Staff members picked him up, brushed him off, and made him part of the team. Ed’s inspiring story is currently being made into a motion picture starring himself. Be sure to watch for “Ed! The Inspiring Story of Ed” hitting theaters this December.

In his spare time Ed enjoys inspiring communities and being the best darn little mascot that he can be. The staff looks forward to Ed’s contributions to the newspaper as they hold him dear to their hearts.