Meet The Staff

Molly Troxel

Editor-in-Chief, President, Reporter

Molly Troxel is a senior returning to The Viking Voice for her second and final year. As Editor-in-Chief, she is excited to continue publishing the school newspaper, despite the obstacles 2020 has put in the way. Molly primarily writes satire, using it as an outlet for all that teen angst, but is looking forward to branching out into other genres as the year unfolds. Since her first lunchtime meeting, Molly has loved spending time with this quirky and good natured group of students, and is very proud of all the time and effort this staff puts into making the Viking Voice.

When she is not working on homework, navigating the common app, or participating in school clubs, Molly enjoys reading and making art, although due to her acute ability to bite off more than she can chew, she has very little time to do either.

Izie Janecek

Co-Managing Editor, Reporter

Izie Janecek is a senior and this is her third and final year in The Viking Voice and she is super excited to be a Co-Managing Editor this year. She decided to join newspaper sophomore year on a whim after feeling bored at lunch on a Thursday and has yet to regret that decision. Her favorite part of newspaper is seeing how seemingly very odd ideas turn into very good satire pieces. Besides Newspaper, Izie is the President of Key Club, a Co-President of Environmental Club and the Vice President of her class. In a normal year, Izie would also do Soccer, Basketball and Crew. Outside of her extracurricular activities Izie loves pulling invasive weeds, listening to podcasts, drawing while watching television, taking care of her garden and being under trees. Izie really hopes that this year’s Viking Voice will be as good as ever despite the “unprecedented times” we live in.

Landon Carter

Co-Managing Editor, Reporter

Landon Carter is a high school senior. It is his fourth year working on The Viking Voice staff, and he hopes to learn all that is involved in making a newspaper great.

He also enjoys hiking, eating, and being around people. Soccer is his favorite sport, and he is also a member of Key Club. As a Viking Voice staff member, Landon wants to focus on informing readers about school events and activities.

Thian Armenia

Web Editor

Thian Armenia is at long last a senior at Orcas Island High School. Thian is passionate about all things computer science and spends his free time programming or creating digital art. He also loves playing video games but generally doesn’t have the time, remarking “Seniors have a lot of stuff to do, okay?” On top of his hobbies, Thian still tries to be a good student and is aiming to go to college to study computer science for software development. Thian is excited to be the Webmaster for this year’s Viking Voice team and hopes to be a valuable member of the team.

Ellie Wright

Copy Editor, Reporter

Ellie Wright is a freshman enjoying her first year in high school, and first year as a part of the Viking Voice. She joined the newspaper to gain experience for (hopefully) a future job in journalism. Ellie had experience writing fiction and poetry in the past, and is enjoying the new experience of writing as a reporter.

Ellie has been involved in dance and theatre here on Orcas for eleven years, and even choreographs her own dances. She is a proud plant parent of twenty-one and counting, and loves spending afternoons sitting with them and a cup of tea, reading a book.

Portia White


Portia White is a senior at Orcas Island High School, and it is her second year on The Viking Voice staff. In her free-time, Portia enjoys playing sports, and is a part of the basketball and softball team at the high school. She has been playing sports since she was four years old and they have always had a major role in her life.

This year, Portia is hoping to learn as much new information as she can about newspaper publication, as well as everything that it takes to get the paper ready for print. She is also looking forward to finding interesting ways to continue publications, even during these crazy times.

Sofia Fleming


Sofia Fleming, a senior, is in her first year on The Viking Voice staff. Following many years of awkwardly chuckling at inside jokes she doesn’t understand, and waiting jealously outside of the computer lab while Grace eats snacks during layout week, Sofia has finally relented and joined the club. Note: Sofia joined the first and only year of her high school career during which snacks can not be shared.

Sofia is an active member of the school, participating in soccer, crew, Gender Equity, Environmental, and Key club as well as Next Generation. During her free time Sofia enjoys cooking, sleeping, kayaking and generally hanging out (annoying) her friends. As a known overcommitter, Sofia can often be seen giving advice on how others should not stress and plan their time, shortly followed by an all-nighter after realizing she has an essay–or Viking Voice Article–due the next day.

Gray Gailey

Reporter, Copy Editor

Gray Gailey is a sophomore at Orcas Island High School. This is her second year working on the Viking Voice staff and she looks forward to learning more about the publishing process and what it takes to edit a newspaper.

Besides the Viking Voice, Gray is also in Key Club, Next Generation, and Racial Equity Club. Outside of school, she enjoys spending time with friends, baking, taking pictures, and traveling.

Mona Evans


Mona Evans has lived her whole life on Orcas Island and wouldn’t want to live anyplace else (except maybe Greece, Italy, France, and all of Europe). She is a Sophomore who is in her second year as a reporter for the Viking Voice. Last year on the VV, she covered politics and the Impeachment process. It was exhausting. She hopes this year, the political scene will be a little kinder and more hopeful. Mona has a passion for the environment, politics, social and racial justice and just making the world a better place.

Besides the Viking Voice, Mona participates in Key Club, Drama Club, and is an ASB officer for her class. In her free time, she loves watching TV and movies, hanging out with friends, listening to podcasts and reading. She hopes to start a Mike Shur fan club to celebrate her love for The Office, Parks and Recreation, and more.

Nisha Woolworth

Reporter, Photographer

Nisha Woolworth is a Sophomore at Orcas Island High School and joined the Viking Voice to experience the process of getting a newspaper ready to print. Other than Viking Voice, Nisha is also a part of Next Generation, Environmental club, and IRHI.

In her free time, Nisha loves spending time outdoors, hanging out with friends and family, learning new skills, and experiencing new cultures through travel. This year Nisha hopes to learn how to photoshop and improve her photography skills.

Bella Evans

Reporter, Ad Sales

Bella Evans is a Sophomore at Orcas Island High School. Apart from being involved in The Viking Voice, she is also a member of Racial Equity, Gender Equity, Environmental Club, Key Club, Next Generation, and IRHI. She is the Sophomore class president, plays softball, and cooks a lot. When she’s not in school Bella loves to bake, go on runs, hangout with friends, go on hikes, and take photos. She loves learning about new cultures and going on adventures, and is hoping to travel after highschool. Bella is hoping to develop her writing and photography skills this year through The Viking Voice.

Eve Eon

Web Editor

Eve is just starting her freshman year at Orcas Island Highschool. She has lived here since the 2nd grade and has been visiting and spending summers on Orcas since she was an infant. She is in The Viking Voice, Drama Club, and Key Club. She has an interest in technology and hopes to explore that in The Viking Voice. An Avid Dog lover and hopes that her future career involves aiding in Dogs and Animals health.

Apart from her beloved dog Raven, her other interests are baking, playing guitar, singing, and overthinking school assignments.

Bethany Carter

Web Editor, Photographer

Bethany Carter is a freshman at Orcas Island High School. Along with being a part of Viking Voice, Bethany is also involved in Model UN Club, Key Club, and Guitar Building club. Aside from going to school and participating in clubs, Bethany plays basketball, soccer, and volleyball, and is vice president of the freshman class.

This year, Bethany is the public relations officer and hopes to learn how to photoshop, use In-Design, and be a reliable and helpful member.

Moose Kinsey

Comic Artist, Ad Sales

Moose Kinsey is a freshman in his first year of working on the Viking Voice. He originally joined the team only to have a place to show off his comics (which are pretty darn cool if you ask him), but since joining, he’s discovered a plethora of opportunities that are super fun and interesting.

Apart from school, newspaper, and school newspaper, Moose enjoys playing sports like basketball and baseball, working with animals, doing 4-H, making stuff with cardboard, playing music, making films, ranting about Star Wars and DC comics, building complex models with Lego, watching super old movies and shows, and sleeping.




Ed is pleased to be a part of The Viking Voice and proud to be the paper’s mascot. He was born and raised in the slums of the San Juans, yet heroically clawed his way out of his unfortunate circumstance with grit, determination, and his two small fingers.

The Viking Voice staff discovered Ed buried in a dirty recycle bin. Staff members picked him up, brushed him off, and made him part of the team. Ed’s inspiring story is currently being made into a motion picture starring himself. Be sure to watch for “Ed! The Inspiring Story of Ed” hitting theaters this December.

In his spare time Ed enjoys inspiring communities and being the best darn little mascot that he can be. The staff looks forward to Ed’s contributions to the newspaper as they hold him dear to their hearts.