Espresso of Eastsound

Sharing coffee with a friend / Photographer: Tommy Sprenger

A cup of coffee is a great addition to nearly anyone’s day, and Eastsound offers a variety of cafes to choose from. We decided to try out six of the different coffee shops in town: Tide Pool, Olga Rising, Darvill’s Bookstore, Teezers, Roots, and Brown Bear Baking, noting both the taste and quality of the coffee, as well as the overall atmosphere of each establishment.

As many of us know, Orcas Island’s beloved Tide Pool Coffeehouse has closed. Tide Pool’s cozy yet elegant decor provided a comforting atmosphere that we will all miss. The espresso, while maintaining a level of expected simplicity, had undertones of both nut and chocolate. Overall, Tidepool was a wonderful addition to Eastsound and will be remembered fondly by the community.

Moving down the street to Olga Rising, this is a brunch staple for many locals. The leaves, pumpkins, and other decoration adds an autumnal ambiance that is accentuated by the outdoor fireplace that is perfect for the colder months. The espresso, while perfectly fine, is arguably not the main attraction of this quaint cafe.

The multitude of books that our next stop, Darvill’s Bookstore, offers is not the only attraction of this establishment. While sometimes slightly crowded, the classic bookstore feel is enhanced by the pleasant music and comfortable seating overlooking Eastsound waterfront. The espresso, in addition to being a dollar cheaper than both the aforementioned cafes, has pleasant chocolate undertones and a warm, comforting feel.

If you are at Island Market, Teezers is the perfect place to stop for a cup of coffee. The convenience of being able to grab a warm beverage while doing your grocery shopping definitely makes up for the general lack of decor and ambience. If you are looking to save a few bucks, this is a cheap and accessible option. While this coffee was not at the top of our list, the frugality and our community’s love and appreciation for Island Market certainly make up for it.

Roots is a well-known cafe and winery, and has an upscale feel and pleasant atmosphere. Its decorations have a very classic European style, and the plants scattered around only add to this high-class feel. This espresso has a rich, cocoa-like taste that only enhances the atmosphere. This cafe provides a touch of elegance with your drink of choice.

Our last stop was Brown Bear Baking. This bakery and cafe’s decor combines modern aspects with a rustic, traditional feel. The espresso has a sweet and distinctive taste, creating a simple yet individual palate.

Overall, Eastsound has a multitude of great options for espresso and coffee. Whether you prefer a more elegant or rustic atmosphere, or a more rich or unique taste, Eastsound has a coffee shop for every proclivity.