Hallway Talks: Ways to Stay Warm

Forest Frausto(ft. Soli Halabisky) / Photographer: Dagny Krüger

Lamai Hons / Photographer: Dagny Krüger

Lola Walker / Photographer: Dagny Krüger

Megan Heisinger (ft. Juliette McKenney) / Photographer: Dagny Krüger



















Lola Walker, sticking true to the cozy winter spirit, says “I put on as many layers as I can find, and go sit by the fire.” Everyone loves a nice toasty blanket pile in the deep dark winter!

Forest Frausto has simple ways. “A sweatshirt and hot chocolate. Soli usually makes me colder.” While this is unfortunate for chilly Soli Halabisky, Frausto seems to be staying warm.

Megan Heisinger, meanwhile, likes to use fuzzier sources of heat. “My cat. She is a great portable heater, she is,” says Heisinger while hugging her close friend. Perhaps she wishes her friend were a cozy cat.

Lamai Hons, however, keeps it to the basics. “Um, wear a coat?” He says. Such a sensible statement as this makes us wonder, why do not all of us simply wear coats?

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