Podcast Nation: Podcast Recommendations For Anyone Who Still Has a Brain

Podcast recommenders showing their enthusiasm / Photoshopper: Arla Sutton

There are over 800,000 podcasts out there, waiting to be listened to. But which ones should be conquered first? Below are several more of the favorite podcasts of various members of the OIHS student body, compiled with the hopes that, you, the reader, will be able to find your next great listen.

Female Killers: recommendation by Alanna Lago

“For the person who questions why they like crime podcasts but keeps listening.”

A brief synopsis: A true crime podcast exploring the stories of women who killed.


The Dark Side Of: recommendation by Bella Evans

“For the person who wants to embrace their pessimistic side.”

A brief synopsis: A podcast that talks about popular things or people, like dating game shows or our founding fathers, and reveals their dark side.


Reply All: recommendation by Willow White

“For the person who considers themselves a tech addict, a tech hater or anyone in between.”

A brief synopsis: A podcast that explores the connection between technology and society in the modern age.


The TryPod: recommendation by Lily Brandt

“For the person who thinks YouTube videos are much too short.”

A brief synopsis: Popular YouTubers the Try Guys answer fan questions and talk about their videos, their lives, and just about anything.


Every Little Thing: recommendation by Lindsey Simpson

“For the person who likes to question…everything?”

A brief synopsis: A podcast that answers listener’s burning questions about anything and everything.


The Asset: recommendation by Birdie Greening

“For the person who wants to explore a relevant topic.”

A brief synopsis: A podcast that details President Trump’s relationship with both Russia (Season 1) and Ukraine (Season 2).


Disorganized Crime: Smuggler’s Daughter: recommendation by Molly Troxel

“For the person who thinks Rainbow Valentine is a good pseudonym.”

A brief synopsis: A woman, going by a pseudonym, interviews her parents about their large-scale smuggling operation that took place during her childhood.

Praise from the recommender: “I like ‘Disorganized Crime’ because it is funny. Also well produced and thought out.”


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