Sailors or pirates?

The Orcas Island Sailing Team has been active for many years, but recently we have received suspicious and, frankly, alarming reports of various activities within the team. There have been sightings of the team across the Washington coast using their race boats to surround and board much larger ships. 

Along with these sightings, there have been many reports of the team behaving suspiciously on docks, hauling what appear to be large wooden chests off their boats. Members of the team who attend OIHS have had a dramatic change in style, with an ever-increasing number of gold teeth being added to their mouths. 

These are harsh accusations to be throwing around and so I decided to get the inside scoop. Dagny Kruger, captain of the sailing team and a long-time member came to speak to me. She denies any connection between the recent sightings and the team, stating “The sailin’ team ‘as absolutely no connection to them crimes. The idea be ridiculous, don’t it matey? I mean, us? we’d ne’er carry gold in the race boats, it’d throw our balance.”

When asked how the plot first began an ex-team member responded that it began as a desperate last resort for funding and quickly became bigger than they ever thought possible. New boats, wetsuits, and booties without leaks are only a few of the luxuries the Orcas Sailing Team has enjoyed of late. 

After further observance and a brief time as an undercover agent on the team, I have made several observations concerning the misuse of boats and equipment.

The Viking mascots on their main sails have been painted over, appearing with an eyepatch and old-timey captain’s hat in place of the Viking helmet previously worn. The gear shed has been transformed into a jewel storage vault with what appears to be an entire shelf dedicated to cursed gold coins and a rotating crew of those who have most recently capsized their boats to polish the vast collection of gems.

Reports of the team’s activities have been made multiple times to authorities however they have been quickly dismissed. When will this madness end? Many boats docked near the practice area have been broken into, pillaged, and left floating with nothing but the rigging left. The pirate crews of west sound are certainly prolific, and it appears it may be up to us good law-abiding fold to put a stop to their spread.

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