Students or NPC’s?

A recent study by Harvard Law shows that almost 50% of High School students are NPCs. Have you ever wandered down the halls and seen people just standing there doing nothing? That’s an NPC. NPCs (or Non Player Characters) are people who only exist, nothing more. They may have some coded in voicelines, but they have no personality.

One other thing that this study revealed is that NPCs are naturally attracted to high schools. 95% of the confirmed NPCs are high schoolers. No one knows what happens to them after they graduate. Some say they disappear, enveloped by the sludge. But for some strange reason, NPCs only show up in high schools. And if you’ve ever interacted with an NPC, you know it’s always a struggle. Sometimes, they will talk to you if you enter their peripheral vision, sometimes, they will send you on a quest, and sometimes, they’ll bug out and you don’t want to be there when that happens. 

Now when Theo walks down the hall to go to the bathroom during class, he stops to pick up a pencil off the floor. Big mistake.

“Stop!” says the Hall Monitor, “You have violated the law. Pay the court a fine or serve your sentence. Your stolen goods are now forfeit.”

“No, I like this pencil,” Replies Theo. “It’s a Ticonderoga, one of the finest pencils in the land. Surely you will let me keep it?”

“You will pay with your blood.” yells the hall monitor as he pulls out his water gun. Theo runs but is no match for the NPC. He dies a gruesome death.

I interviewed Forest Frausto to talk about NPCs in the school.


Interviewer: Have you noticed an increase of NPCs in the school?

Frausto: Yes, the Freshmen.

I: Are you saying that the Freshmen are NPCs.

F: Yes, like half the class. They only have like 3 voice lines.


Frausto then proceeded to wave like a typical NPC and walk away.


Now some NPCs area problem but most NPCs are fine. They don’t do anything that’s annoying, it’s just strange that they don’t have a personality. They only like what the general masses like and aren’t original. Hopefully people reading this will try to be more original and have more than 3 voicelines.