Japan, unmatched, bests the USA 3-2

Recently finished was the World Baseball Classic, which for all you non-baseball nerds is the baseball equivalent of the World Cup. In the Classic, we witnessed unforgettable Matchups, such as Mike Trout striking out to Shohei Ohtani to end the championship. Along with the great baseball played, we were also granted completely accurate representations of which countries are better than others. At the end of the tournament, we learned that Japan is better than every other country in the world, as they beat the United States 3-2. Some other notable comparisons include:

Mexico > Great Britain (2-1)

Dominican Republic > Israel (10-0)

South Korea > China (22-2)

Italy > Netherlands (7-1)

Canada > Great Britain (18-8)

Australia > Czech Republic (8-3)

More notably, to coincide with the Classic, Major League Baseball put on many exhibition games featuring WBC teams against MLB teams, which gave even more accurate representations of which US cities are better than Certain countries. Among others, these include, Cleveland being better than Mexico (6-0), Milwaukee being better than Great Britain (8-2), and one which hits close to home, Seattle being better than Canada (5-3).