P!NK-y Artist of the Month: Enzo Thixton

“I am good at a lot of things, but being a successful pop artist is my dream,” states Enzo Thixton, known for his diverse artistic talents in multiple types of art. Multifaceted in his interests, Thixton plays cello, piano, guitar and sings, along with his talents in dance and aerial silks. Although talented in orchestra, playing cello since second grade, Thixton’s “focus and passion” is singing. Classical music has developed and shaped his understanding of pop music: albeit trained in traditionally classical instruments, he wants to perform in pop.

As for role models, Thixton “perhaps controversially” cites pop artists such as Adele and Pink, or, P!NK. “P!NK, despite her reputation, is absolutely amazing,” enthuses Thixton. “I look up to her not only as an artist but as an athlete. I love mixing athleticism with musical performance. P!NK is goals, she sings while doing aerials.” Aerial silks is another significant part of Thixton’s life, demonstrating his athletic artistry often since the age of 10, he has been doing silks-related, “circus-type” performances, and is now in Maria Bullock’s advanced silks class. Similarly, he is new in the field of dancing, but is rapidly improving.

Known as a resolute vegan, Thixton holds physical ability and performance high: in order to prepare for a career anything like P!NK’s, Thixton wants to make sure his body is up to the ridiculously strenuous job. Thixton has the whole paparazzi preparation thing down early, too: “I am very good at fashion,” he remarked. Looking towards the future for locations to work, Thixton thinks Los Angeles would be a good place to fully dive into the music scene. “I have been there many times but don’t think I am ready to move there straight out of high school,” said Thixton. “I am considering Portland as a kind of interim location. It has a very good music scene too.” Bands such as The Decemberists, Radiation City, and Pink Martini have their roots in Portland Thixton better get into Indie Rock for the time being.

enzo pic

Thixton on the cello / Photographer: Chris Waage

Following high school, Thixton plans to pursue music and work on his art. Even though Thixton has grown a bit lax in his academics he is not planning to attend college directly after high school he may choose to apply to an art school in a couple years. “It is hard to be a student and still have any time for music,” sighed Thixton. “I have perhaps relaxed a bit about my academics in order to focus on music. Once I graduate I will be able to devote much more time. I will move off-island, I’m not positive where yet.”

In a culmination of all his artistic work in high school, Thixton is putting on a concert at the Sea View Theatre on May 12th as his senior project. It won’t just be a music concert: “I am working to incorporate many types of performance,” stated Thixton. “My goal is not only to introduce myself on a new platform but to create a show that I love and depicts who I am and what I love, the way I want to do it. I am involved in every single detail of the show. It isn’t just people doing it for me.”