Student of the Month: Aida Cruz Hernandez

Aida Cruz Hernandez adorned with flowers / Photographer: Shaye Spinner


Congratulations to Aida Irene Cruz Hernandez for being recognized as Student of the Month.

Aida Cruz Hernandez, with her clear glasses and innumerable hairstyles, displays the many qualities of an Orcas Viking as a member of the Class of 2023. Born in Mexico, Cruz Hernandez moved after just 18 months of living to Orcas Island, where she has now spent most of her life. Growing up with three sisters and raising a fourth during high school, the value of family bonds is especially prevalent in Cruz Hernandez. The sight of worry-free elementary kids playing on swings provokes a deep nostalgia in Hernandez, bringing back the memories of her joyful, carefree childhood.

Cruz Hernandez’s hobbies include helping her mom cook, spending time with her baby sister, and practicing hairstyles on her Mom. She is interested in attending a beauty college, where she can become a professional hairstylist. Cruz Hernandez hopes to move back to the island after higher education and help style islander’s hair.

One of Cruz Hernandez’s favorite subjects is Contemporary World Issues with teacher Phil Comito. Creating a senior paper centered around the poor state of mental health in the Hispanic community made her excited for class throughout the semester.

One major motivation for Cruz Hernandez is music. “Listening to music is the way I stay at peace whenever I’m doing homework, or house chores. Music is something that keeps me moving and blocks any negative vibes that attempt to sneak into my mind.

Running on the Orcas Island Cross Country team in senior year, Cruz Hernandez has participated in her fair share of sports. She has played on the JV basketball team, softball team, and soccer in 7th grade. Cruz Hernandez strives to show kindness towards others, even if it is not returned, and her peers can certainly say she has exceeded her aims. Selective hearing is one of Cruz Hernandez’s afflictions, a fact of which many students are not aware. One of her strengths, however, is being fluent in two languages, allowing her to communicate and translate with Spanish-speaking Orcas Islanders.

Fear exists in Cruz Hernandez’s life just like any other person. “I’m scared of tall people.” Hernandez said in an interview, while staring up in fear at Orcas Island High Schooler Hunter Knapp. As well as tall people, she is scared of worms, butterflies, and spiders.

From advocating for Hispanic mental health to bringing smiles to people’s faces, Cruz Hernandez shows her love of community through her favorite activities. Thank you Aida, for being a Viking role model in the Class of 2023.