Pet Pandemonium: Top Three Featured Pets

This year, Viking Voice will be selecting three furry friends to feature in each issue. All you need to do for a chance to get your pet featured is a silly photo, some fun facts, and your animal’s name. Without further ado, here is our selection for this Viking Voice edition!

Top Three Features


Diesel is a brown stallion who lives in a barn on Orcas Island. Being a very accomplished horse, he has quite the list of triumphs. According to his registration, Diesel was an ordinary horse until he was snatched from his abode and “stuffed into a helicopter making its way to Nebraska.” Luckily, Diesel was immune to the tranquilizer and jumped from the helicopter to escape. Even though they were thousands of feet in the air, the sire’s limbs made a “great replacement for a parachute” and slowed his fall. We are all very thankful that he was able to return to Orcas Island, so we’ve featured him as a tribute to his perseverance.



This canine has got an amazing front profile. Being an influencer for OPALCO can be pretty stressful, especially if you’re a cute pupper named Pepper. As a heeler lab mix, Pepper is loyal, smart, and protective-making him a perfect candidate for representing OPALCO. As a thank you for your service of promoting Orcas Island and also giving us a close up of your nose, I thought that Pepper would be a great edition to our first three featured pets.

Goose & Limpet

These two kitties love to snuggle together. Since these two are inseparable, it didn’t feel right to not have both of them in the photo. Goose, being the hyper one, is an orange tabby who is a master at escape artistry. Undeterred by being an indoor cat, Goose will always find a way to open up the sliding door for some fresh air. Although Goose is a very energetic feline, Limpet is the polar opposite. Limpet, the black tabby, is a foodie who loves to lazy around the house. Despite their differences, the two get along very well with sharing the lounge chair for an afternoon nap.

That concludes our first three featured pets. Make sure to tune in for our next issue where new selections will get the spotlight!

If you would like an opportunity to get your pets some recognition, fill out the form here to submit your pets: Pet Feature Registration

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