New Frontrunner, Presidential Hope

Thompson behind the presidential podium.

Thompson flashes a winning smile at her devoted supporters / Photoshopper: Arla Sutton

We are getting closer and closer to election day and we have a last-minute addition to the presidential race: Anwyn Thompson. Thompson has been able to overcome her late entrance, catching up to her competitors at an unbelievable rate. She has set up her campaign in such a way that most citizens feel as though they are finally being heard, with her stances on ranked-choice voting, protecting agriculture, education, energy, equality, and healthcare. She seems to stand for all of the common people as a candidate that will put your needs first.

Thompson has many supporters already, including Izie Janecek. “I appreciate Anwyn’s basic stances on healthcare, clean energy, and education. But mostly I support Anwyn 2020 because I know her personally and can trust that she will follow through with her political promises,” she said. Janecek has been on Thompson’s side from the very beginning, believing in all of the stances that Thompson has taken during this race.

Along with Janecek, Lily Brandt is all for Thompson. When asked who she would vote for, she said “I would vote for Anwyn Thompson in the 2020 election because I believe she will know how and when to fight for the right thing. She is more than a smiling and charming politician. She will be a fighter for change and listen to the country’s needs. I believe she will be able to surround herself with people that will benefit our country rather than boost her own ideals. This woman will lead our country out of its repeated history into a new era of change and hope.” Thompson has been fighting for the changes Brandt wants to see; she believes Thompson is the start of the future that is possible.

Vote Thompson 2020. “Together we build our future.”

Anwyn beats trump

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