Tom Brady to coach Orcas Island High School football

For those who have been keeping up with the sports world, even minimally, you may be familiar with the news that seven-time Super Bowl champ, Tom Brady, has retired after a 22-year career in the National Football League. According to Brady on his Instagram page, he has decided to retire to take care of off-the-field commitments, such as family. However, in Brady’s post on Instagram, he failed to mention the true reason he made the decision… About one week before TB12 made the announcement, the principal of Orcas Island High School, Kyle Freeman, was making prank calls with his son, Jefferson. Their initial plan for pranking was to call a random number and hire whoever picks up to revitalize our High School football team, which hasn’t existed since 2017. Unexpectedly, while calling their first random number, The Goat, Tom Brady answered, along with ESPN analyst Adam Schefter, who was interviewing him about his future in Tampa. “We didn’t know it was actually Tom Brady,” Jefferson stated, “My dad just gave the spiel to whoever picked up, and once he finished, we heard what was distinctly Tom’s voice saying, “I’ll think about it.” Adam Schefter thought Mr. Freeman’s false offer was one Tom couldn’t pass up and reported that Brady would be retiring. After a frenzy from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans, the reports were claimed to be false by Brady. Meanwhile, Jefferson and his Father pondered the possibility of Brady coming to Orcas, and how they would pay the exorbitantly high price that they offered. Brady, eventually posted on Instagram about his retirement, avoiding mentioning his new job in order to evade paparazzi. It was confirmed, Tom Brady was coming to Orcas Island in order to revitalize our football program, which hasn’t existed since 2017. Preparations are being made for the 2023 season!

UPDATE: Tampa Bay learned that Brady was ditching them for a High School team from Adam Schefter, and gave TB12 an offer he couldn’t refuse: A bag of chips, a Gatorade, and a mechanical pencil… along with a lot of money.

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