Students Tap Into Their Artistic Sides During the Lockdown

With all of the extra time given to us during the shelter-in-place order, people all over the world are getting more in touch with their creative side. Trying new art such as mural painting, collages, origami, watercolors, you name it, has become something many people are doing, including students.

Sofia Fleming made a collage (directly above) about the importance of true beauty. When describing her work, Fleming said, “I think one of the most important lessons we can learn during this hard time is that there are similarities between all of us.” It is the perfect callout to prove that if we stick together through this, we will make it to the other side and be all the stronger for it.

Arla Sutton, a senior, recently made a collage (directly above) of things that inspire her. It depicts her favorite sports, crew and soccer, and is an example showing that a collage can be a great way to express ideas or passions.

Molly Troxel recently made a piece for Orcas Island Community Church (directly above) saying, “This was very out of my comfort zone because I have never painted something this big before and I’m not very experienced with acrylics but I am happy with how it turned out.” This goes to show that it is always worth trying something new, as you will never know if it is successful until you try. Even if you fail, you can always use it as a learning experience and find the good that results from failure.

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