Top Five Trends to Try During Quarantine

Molly's look isn't that terrible, but she did cut her hair..

Molly’s terrible new look / Photographer: Molly Troxel

5. Have a photo shoot!

Quarantine has really helped us let our natural beauty shine. Take this opportunity to stage a photo shoot to celebrate your new look! Perhaps a close-up glamour shot featuring your day-long bed head, or try a dramatic pose to accentuate your shapeless sweatpants. Do not worry about concealer or foundation; dark circles from late nights are all the rage. Really show off those extra five pounds of banana bread calories!

4. Play with interactive Instagram filters!

Have you ever wondered what dog breed you are? What percent evil you are? What your nationality is? What Harry Potter house you really should be in? What cat meme you are? Instagram knows the answers to all these questions! Instagram’s random generators will keep you entertained for hours with these completely pointless ploys for attention. Do not worry — there is a filter for everyone, and we have all become skilled veterans at speed-tapping through stories.

3. Watch a new TV show!

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, 123Movies — so many streaming options! Perhaps watch the extremely popular “Tiger King”: a TV show so outrageous they do not even get called out for constantly misgendering a trans man. Looking for something a little more traditional? Try “All American” and be reminded that we really are all just ethnically similar hippies compared to the rest of America. Did you run out of shows to stream? Do not worry — YouTubers are working overtime to make sure you never lack artificial entertainment.

2. Spend some time on TikTok!

Remember when we all scorned TikTok for being cringey and weird? Now it is inescapable. Whether you have an account or not, there is no way to avoid the memes and trends. The unique algorithm makes each person’s experience different and uniquely addictive. Take this opportunity to learn a dance or try a new challenge (as long as you avoid nutmeg). Instead, buy a new bikini and some roller skates, or put on some chains and eyeliner and try your hand at a few POVs.

1. Drastically change your appearance!

What better way to reinvent yourself during quarantine than with a haircut? You are lying if you say you have not thought about cutting bangs at least once, and since you have no idea when you will be seen next, give it a try! If you still do not feel your outward appearance matches how edgy and not-like-other-girls you really are, pull out that bleach and hair dye! Boys, if bleach seems a little too safe, why not shave your head completely to help balance out that scraggly facial hair? Perhaps take the chance to trim that excuse for a mustache while you’re at it, but don’t worry if you come out worse for the wear — all of us are going crazy together.