Last Minute Meet Rush

Finn rushes to the computer with toast in his mouth

Finn rushes to the computer already starting on his not buttered toast / Contributed Photo

We have all been there: that sinking feeling of dread, the sudden realization — you are late. Luckily for you, school is now quite a bit different! There are new excuses, more leniency on the teachers’ side, and it is easier to get to school. Knowing quite well that change brings hardship, I asked a few students to describe their last-minute rushes to join a meet. One student, who wishes to remain anonymous, detailed their usual panicked rush step by step. Step one: waking up and realizing that the alarm was set for 9:30, not 9:00. Step two: an abrupt departure from sleepiness as the adrenaline kicks in and the rush begins. Get dressed as quick as possible, and almost literally fall down the stairs. Step three: turn on the computer and regret shutting it down, as it takes about three minutes to boot up. While the computer boots up, make one piece of toast, no butter (it takes too long to butter toast) and the timing just about lines up. Step four: log on and open Chrome, go to the class they are late for, and join as fast as possible. 

Another student who also wishes to remain anonymous sent me her early morning struggle: “I wake up every morning knowing full well that I should have set my alarm for ten minutes earlier. At around 9:15, I stumble out of bed and look at my reflection in the mirror. If my classmates are going to continue to believe that I do not look like an ogre every morning, I am going to need to work fast. I grab some foundation that is definitely too dark for my skin tone (but looks normal on camera), and begin the process of transforming my tired face into something that is almost socially acceptable. Grabbing some mascara I swiftly rub it on my eyes, attempting to bring some life into them. Once I am finished with my makeup, I spray some water on my face and join the call a minute late, saying, ‘Sorry I am late guys, I just got back from my five-mile morning run.’ They will never know I was up until three this morning finishing ‘Outer Banks!’”

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