Interview with Guillermo

Guillermo/ Photographer: Eve Eon

Hans: Tell me about yourself.

Guillermo: I’m from Barcelona, Spain, and it’s really warm there. I live in the city center in an apartment. I like the weather, it is nice. I’m very quiet, I’m friendly, I love sports, I’m 15 years old.

Hans: What’s your favorite thing about the school there?

Guillermo: I had a lot of friends and I was on a really good soccer team.

Hans: What’s your favorite thing about this school?

Guillermo: People are so nice and inviting to me, it’s not like that in my school; everyone is closed, and the school is strict.

Hans: Have you become active in any clubs or sports while here?

Guillermo: Yeah, I played soccer, and now I’m playing basketball, and in the Environmental Club.

Hans: What are the differences between the school here vs. in Barcelona

Guillermo: At this school, I think it’s always more interactive, and there is more for you to do, But in

Barcelona, you have to study more.

Hans: Why did you choose to be an exchange student?

Guillermo: Because I wanted to, and I love like, the American culture, and I wanted to live here for a year and learn English and experience America.