Holiday Luncheon Pre-cap

Have you missed sweaters, hot chocolate, cold weather, and holiday cheer? Well you’re in luck, because the holiday luncheon is upon us once again. This is the one time every year that the school gets together and celebrates the holidays. In past years, students have all brought dishes from home to add to a potluck, as each class has a designated dish to bring. Before the luncheon last year, Mr. Buckner and the leadership class hosted an assembly for the entire school. They put together fun holiday games for all the students in order to spread the holiday cheer and get everyone pumped for the upcoming meal.

holiday luncheon precap2

Jay Zier, Ray Doss, and Charlie Holmes feast at last year’s holiday luncheon / Photographer: Chris Waage

Last year’s luncheon even featured a talent show put on by students and teachers. Mr. Buckner states, “On Friday, December 18th, we will have our annual holiday luncheon. The ASB will provide the main dishes (ham and turkey) and students will bring in side dishes. There will be activities planned and fun times to be had by all!”

holiday luncheon precap

Pasha Bullock of last year’s holiday luncheon enjoys some ham / Photographer: Chris Wage

This year, the leadership class is promising nothing but a great time. ASB and the leadership class encourage everyone to bring food so all students are contributing. Mr. Buckner says that if everyone brings a dish there will be enough for every student to have a good meal, and everyone wants food. A spirited talent show is something students can expect, and everyone is encouraged to participate. Whether it’s a science project, making a fire, singing, putting on a skit, or dancing, it’s all welcome in the talent show. Anyone can show off their special skills at the event. Ray Doss, the father of Sweater Wednesday says, “The holiday luncheon is a great tradition! I love the Christmas cheer, and of course the food! My favorite part of the luncheon is the talent show, dinner and a show.” If you have a burning passion or talent you want to show off to the school, the best place to showcase it is at the luncheon. Entertain your fellow classmates and teachers with your fantastic talents.