Jordan Randolph a Tri-Sport Star

jordan athelete of the month

Randolph looking snazzy / Photographer: Matia Schwartz

Jordan Randolph’s reputation as an outstanding three­-sport athlete and a generally good­hearted guy has won him recognition among his peers, school, island, and even league. The 1A/2B league, however, doesn’t know Randolph the way we do at Orcas High School. Randolph has always had a love for sports and a competitive spirit which he says can be attributed to his dad, who is an athlete himself, “My dad had a big influence on my sports career. Pushing me to try new sports, and pushing me early when I was less confident, as well as [all the] hours outside playing catch or pass.” Randolph’s athletic career kick­started in the 1st grade on the soccer field where he was able to tie together his competitive nature and love of sports. A couple years later, after being commended for his lightning speed and cat­-like awareness, Randolph moved up a tier to the 4th and 5th grade team. Even there, he proved to be an absolute nightmare for his opponents.

Later, as a wide ­receiver for the island youth football team, the Kings, Randolph was awarded with Most Valuable Player one year and Best Offensive Player another. “I remember him just being so slippery. So hard to tackle,” raves one of his former teammates. On the baseball diamond, Randolph’s quickness was evident on the base path and in the field. Although not being his favorite sport, he excelled as a baseball player due to his innate athleticism and sports knowledge. The game of basketball, however, is the sport that stole his heart. Ever since Randolph picked up that auburn­ colored ball he never let it go. Commanding the floor as point guard, Randolph quickly became one of the best dribblers and passers of his age group, as well as the strongest overall player. “Playing him one-­on-­one was like trying to chase a cheetah,” a friend once said, “you always lose.”

Basketball, along with all of the other sports, have continued to be a major part of Randolph’s life. As a high schooler, he has literally stricken fear in the hearts of his adversaries, “They were talking on the bus about you, Jordo. LaConner said they were scared to defend you,” Football coach Justin Frausto explained after a season-ending loss. Randolph has also been awarded league honors in various sports and caught the eye of many coaches. Maybe someday Randolph’s fans will even include college scouts. Most importantly, however, Randolph is a person who values friendship and optimism above all things (sports being a very, very close second). He always seems to wear a happy face and always makes people laugh. There is a certain aura that he emanates and carries onto the field or court that has the power to lift his teammates’ spirits and inspire them to strive to play their best. In the upcoming boy’s basketball season, don’t bother looking for Randolph amidst the turbulence of the game. He will stand out right away.