Successful Sweater Wednesday Season

2015’s Sweater Wednesday season proved itself to be yet another sweater-filled success, as students and staff showed off an array of fashionable and comfortable winter wear. It takes a village to make Sweater Wednesday what it is. For those unaware of the tradition’s origins, Sweater Wednesday was pioneered by proud sweater-wearing students Halle Thompson and Ray Doss. Primarily, it was just a few students showing off their hidden game, but as time went on, it turned into something much bigger. Today, Sweater Wednesday has hopefully become an Orcas High School tradition for the ages.

sweater wednesday

Last year’s Sweater Wednesday / Contributed photo

This sweater season showed quite a lot of tough competition. With reigning champions from 2014 crawling back for more alongside incoming freshmen out for victory, the battle for the scented candle prize was harsher than ever. Freshmen Luke Pietsch and Ronan Kau demonstrated sweater-wearing underclassman are a force to be reckoned with, and Devon Mann and Ella Conrad walked away with the upperclassmen victory. Controversy was found in some sweater decisions; Jordan Randolph suffered a controversial loss in late November. Randolph wore head-to-toe sweater material, yet it was not sufficient to gain sweet candle victory. The decision is still under harsh scrutiny, but Sweater Wednesday isn’t itself without controversy.

As Sweater Wednesdays draw to a close, students still have one last chance to gain victory. The last event of the year will be a “Sweater Friday” — the Friday of the Holiday Luncheon, right before winter break. It will be the grand finale to this year’s incredible sweater season. Don’t forget to wear your best holiday sweater — you could walk away with an amazing holiday-scented candle. The winner will be announced during the luncheon talent show, as well as who will be carrying on the Sweater Wednesday tradition for future generations. Thompson and Doss are looking forward to announcing who this person will be, and they hope Sweater Wednesday will live on for many years.