Eve’s immortal conundrum

Private Property of: Eve Eon


I think people are starting to get suspicious about me… all of my classmates seem to suspect that I have superpowers. That damn class photo in the hallway from the early 1900s was the first giveaway. They know my great-grandma looks exactly like me, but are they starting to realize it is me? There are a few ways that I can deal with this: try and get someone to take the photo off the wall or do it myself, but will this just draw more attention to my immortality? Of course, I could always fake my own death again and come back in a few years–decades?–as a distant relative and start the whole charade all over again. But honestly, that is all so exhausting. What I need to do is get focused on keeping a low profile because right now, I am slipping.

    Ms. Hellar certainly has her suspicions. In mythology, we were talking about Athena and before I realized it, I casually mentioned that my mom was friends with her. I got some odd looks from everyone. Is it better to be immortal or a complete weirdo to all of your classmates??

    I have to control my temper, too. Last week, Finn tripped me in the lunch line. Whether this was an accident or not, he paid a price: anything he ate that week, I turned into mealworms. I nearly got Chef Zack fired for my tantrum!

    Anger is not the only emotion I need to reign in; I accidentally levitated when I got my essay back from Mr. Austin. Of course I have received all A’s for decades now, but never from Mr. Austin, and that is enough to make any immortal start to levitate. Luckily, it was only for a split second and everyone in his class was already fast asleep.  

    As far as I can see, I can either open up about who–or rather, what–I am or learn to control my powers. This is a big decision to make… if I do reveal my true nature, I hope my friends are accepting of me. The last thing I want to do is go through the whole ‘fake my own death’ thing again. 

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