Featured student: McLovin, our beloved troublemaker

Congratulations McLovin for earning the title of Viking Voice’s Student of the Month!

    Fogell (known as McLovin to the student population) has rightfully won Student of the Month for April! Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, McLovin moved to Orcas Island at the age of eleven to pursue his dream of becoming a computer science major. Ever since his arrival, McLovin has been praised as a “do-gooder” and an all-around great guy. Winning an international spelling bee in 9th grade and bringing Orcas Island High School’s Chess Team to the national championships, McLovin has shown the Orcas Island community all that he is capable of. Chris Waage, the Computer Science teacher at Orcs Island High School, had this to say about him:

“Man, what to say about that kid… he is one in a million, I will tell you that much. In most classes, I am able to sit back and take a nap while McLovin teaches programming basics to the freshmen. Heck if he wanted to, he could take my job!”

    Despite all his accomplishments at OIHS, his disciplinary record has hit some roadblocks along the way. Suspended early as a freshman, Fogell was caught dueling his own war-striped tortoise against Turbo, Mrs. Alperin’s class pet. In October of this school year, McLovin was nearly expelled for joyriding a police cruiser along Mt. Baker Road. Upon questioning from the Viking Voice staff, McLovin commented:

“The Battle of the Tortoises was wicked, okay? Turbo would not have gotten hurt if he had just fought back. As for the police cruiser, Hunter, you were the one who stole the keys, so why are you questioning me?”

    McLovin has since apologized for his actions, describing them as “immature” and “not thought out.” Regardless of his previous actions, Fogell has been described as a “pillar of hope” to OIHS teachers, easing their stresses about the future of Generation Z. Thank you McLovin, for showing students how to be worry-free in such a stressful world.

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