Thian’s Musings: Windows and Buses

Thian musing in the OHS commons

Thian musing in the OHS commons / Photographer: Clara Petros

Hello, and welcome to the inside of my brain. Many of you have likely not been here before, and it is a very strange place, which should strike fear into the heart of any sane human. These following questions and thoughts are the same ones that plague every unfilled moment of my life.

The school and its subsidiaries (school buses, parking lot, and others) were designed by the most sadistic of architects. Everything in the school looks normal, but on occasion, you will work towards a goal only to be foiled in the act by the horrible consistency, or rather, lack thereof. I first noticed this phenomenon when I was heading up the stairs and realized that I suddenly could not touch both sides of the staircase anymore. A seed of doubt sprouted in my mind. I remembered the unaligned windows of the upper math room, the random placing of the hall tiles, and the irksome presence of an extra bus window in relation to the bus seats.

I measured the staircases around the school and found, to my dismay, that they were all a few inches off from the first one I measured. Feel free to check me on this; I would be delighted to find I am wrong, as it would restore at least some of my faith in society. I would love to know that I was the crazy one, and that the place of our education is one not riddled with inconsistencies that drive one mad.

The chicken. I know what you are probably thinking, “that one has been done to death by hundreds of other philosophers and bored teenagers.” What I have wondered recently is why the chicken is considered a cowardly animal. Granted, like any sane creature when confronted by human, they run away, but others among them will attack any sign of danger, and this really just causes me to wonder why they are generally so mocked for being afraid of things. It must be hundreds of times over the past years that I have heard the phrase “what are you, chicken?” or some variation of it. Chickens should really be respected, as the one thing they have not run away from over the years is the fact that they are constantly mocked for running away from things.

I find myself distracted by things running in and out of my brain like mice. “Bing!” There goes your phone. What did you eat for dinner last night? Write your essay. Some of the signals my brain gives me should probably be heeded, but I often just let them slip away because I do not care or I am working on something else. A fresh example in my brain is this very article. I put it off, only because I thought I would have time later and it was not at the top of my mental checklist.

Time travel is a topic that pops up more than once a week. I love the ideas that scientists have researched about it. Of course, I am not going to actually discuss the theories of time travel, but that is something I do like talking about with my friends in my spare time. However, it resides among forbidden topics such as politics, communism, and the true shape of our planet (only in satire).

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