Theiene’s Musings: Because He Just Has So Much to Say

Thian musing

Thian musing / Photographer: Clara Petros

Welcome back everyone. I hope you had fun getting in your Thian sightings this summer. However, since we are back into the middle of things and somebody has to take up space in the paper and your time, I thought it could be me again with a little peek into my day-to-day questions and ideas. This time I will try not to get on the wrong side of my associates with another unpleasant fact, just because I do not want them breathing down my neck for the rest of the year.

One thing sneaking up on me recently is how often I forget my phone in the “phone hotels” some of the teachers have up. Very few others seem to have this problem. The only cause I can find for this is the length of time I have had my phone and how attached I am to it. I have had my phone for a little over a year now whereas most of my classmates have had once since seventh grade. I am careful with it because I know it is fragile and expensive, but it is not part of who I am, so it is easy to lose track of. Or maybe I am just forgetful. Take your pick.

Okay, I lied; I am definitely going to offend my peers with this one, but I have noticed a few more funky things with the way the school was built. For starters, I want to say how unhappy I am with the upstairs railing. It falls at or below waist height for anyone over six feet, including me, and that can get a little nerve-wracking. The really weird thing though is that behind the large lunch menu and calendar in the commons is a window into a supply closet. Never mind how I got the information, just trust me on this one. Also, why do the benches in the pit not line up with one another?

Lastly, I want to question the nature of this school’s community. We live in a society, and despite every problem we face, our school – and more uniquely, the school paper – sticks together. I have seen that everyone will work together in the face of adversity and it is nice to know that friends have my back. That is it for this issue. Peace out.