Caveman: School Big Warm is Lie?

Alexander Jefferson IV (is caveman, duh) doing chemistry with club in science lab. OOGA BOOGA

Alexander Jefferson IV doing chemistry / Photoshopper: Meg Waage

For long time, it cold. Me father cold, he father cold, he father cold, he father cold, and he father big gorilla; big gorilla no cold, but that beside the point. Now it warm. What happen? A few day ago, warm come from above. Principal Krug say: “A new air conditioning system was installed, with a heater in the ceiling of each room.” Principal Krug big lie! Warm no come from ceiling, fire warm, ceiling cold! Warm come from fire, fire in school… Principal Krug burn school! OOGA BOOGA OOGA BOOGA! No, me no jump to conclusion hastily, me need analyze current

What warm? Fire warm! Principal Krug burn school! No, what else warm? It sometime warm in dry season, but it no dry season! Krug burn school! OOGA BOOGA OOGA BOOGA! No, Krug no want burn school. If Krug no burn school, then it dry season! Me no go school in dry season! Krug big lie! Krug say it rain season so we go school! Krug trick me again! OOGA BOOGA OOGA BOOGA! Me admit me not the sharpest rock in rock drawer, but how me not see it dry season?

Me see berry not on berry bush, berry fall off bush in wet season, if dry season berry should be on bush… Krug take all berry for himself! OOGA BOOGA OOGA BOOGA! But if dry season, where are mighty beast? Mighty beast sleep in wet season, if dry season, there should be mighty beast… Krug kill all mighty beast! OOGA BOOGA OOGA BOOGA! Krug kill all mighty beast, so then Krug mighty warrior. Me fear mighty warrior Krug, me redact all previous statement on mighty warrior Krug. Me think new heating system is welcome improvement to school.

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