The man behind the cream

Michael Cera and several dozen bottles of Cerave / Contributed photo

He is a part-time lover. He is a full-time friend. He is Michael Cera. Cera has been acting for over 20 years, and over this time he has mastered the weird awkward guy persona. Cera’s acting journey started in 1999 with the film “What Katy Did,” and the series “I was a sixth grade alien!” You may know him from some of his more popular movies like “Juno,” “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World,” “Superbad,” and more recently, “Barbie,” where Cera plays the socially awkward, offbeat character. Most people know him from his numerous movies and TV shows, but as some people do not know, he is also an indie musician. Cera released his first album in 2014, titled “True That.” Mira Johnson, an 11th grader at OIHS, describes his music as “Beautifully artistic and passionate about the mundane aspects of life.” Cera is an actor and a musician, but could he also be … a dermatologist?

Recently, rumors have surfaced about Cera’s supposed involvement in the skincare company CeraVe. These rumors began on January 22 when the influencer Haley Kalil posted a video of Cera in a pharmacy, signing bottles of CeraVe’s Daily Moisturizing Lotion. In the video, Cera looked up from signing the bottles and said “Hi. … That’s a lovely cream” before walking away. In an article by CeraVe called “Developed with Dermatologists. Not Michael Cera. He’s not a dermatologist,” the business writes “CeraVe by Michael Cera? Not today, not ever. About Michael Cera claiming to develop CeraVe, maybe it is because he has baby-soft skin and we share a name.” Although Cera may not be directly involved in the development of the products, recently he has been featured in CeraVe’s advertising campaign. In the Super Bowl ad “Michael CeraVe” Cera climbs mountains, talks to dolphins, and expresses the wonders of CeraVe’s hydrating cream. The world is still unsure about his intentions and what the future may hold, but what we do know is that Michael Cera has baby-soft skin.

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