Our Featured Teacher: Beth Rainey


Beth Rainey – Image Credit: Ray Doss

Beth Rainy, or Brainey as she is called around the campus of the Orcas Island High School, is the newest Spanish teacher at the school. Brainey grew up in Spokane, Washington with frequent visits to Orcas during the summer. Her mother moved to Orcas when she (her mother) was in 6th grade. Every aunt except her oldest went through high school here.

After graduating high school with a love for the Spanish language, due to some fantastic teachers, Brainey was set on going to Western Washington University like her parents. After visiting the campus there, she had a “moment.” She decided that she didn’t want to live in a “small town,” so she decided to move instead to Seattle. She applied for work to six different Starbucks in Bellevue where her dad lived and finally got a job at one. She decided to apply to the University of Washington. After applying, she promptly received a letter of rejection. She decided to plead her case to UW. Despite feeling that she wouldn’t be accepted, mid-year she was.


Ms. Rainey Engaging Spanish Students on Halloween – Image Credit: Devon Mann

Conveniently, after graduating from University of Washington a job at very familiar Orcas Island High School opened up. She applied for the job and got it. She really enjoys living close to family while still teaching what she loves. She especially enjoys the smaller class sizes.