Breaking News on The American Ebola Front

A new report has come in that shows us that Ebola is on the move. A man who recently sneezed has taken a train to the busy city of Seattle. While it is not yet confirmed by a doctor, or any person with any sort of medical knowledge for that matter, several witnesses report seeing the man sneeze, which is most definitely the determining factor. He is a confirmed Ebolant. When interviewed about the experience, one train-goer gave us some enlightenment on the situation. ”Yeah, I mean, the three or four doctors I went to said I should have nothing to worry about, but I’m fairly confident my two and a half years at Kansas State Art Institute give me the skills to identify the Ebola Bacteria when I see it.”EBOLA-VIRUS

Despite what all the experts on the Ebola are saying, it’s safe to assume that the United States of America is now the most dangerous place to be with this virus at large. According to the dean of the math and science department at the Kentucky State University there is much more of a risk to contract Ebola here with a 1 to 13,000,000 probability than in West Africa that has a 1 in 3 chance of each person contracting it, because 13,000,000 is a much bigger number than 3.

As Americans, in the most dangerous country in the world for contracting the virus, we can only hope and pray that our family won’t be the next to suffer from this Ebola epidemic.