Sweater Wednesday!

The school year is off and rolling here at Orcas Island High School and a new tradition is being formed that is unique and original to this quirky island we live on. There are many new and interesting activities popping up for students to participate in this year. We have many new clubs, classes, and ASB activities that get the school moral going! But with the cold of winter approaching, moral goes down, students get sad, and the viking spirit slowly dies away… UNTIL NOW!


1st anual Sweater Wednesday winner Demitri Pence with his scented candle award. He is joined by other proud sweater-wearing students! – Image Credit: Devon Mann

The Orcas Island High School is proud to institute Sweater Wednesdays! Each time Wednesday rolls around, students are invited to “rock their winter wear” and show off their school and sweater pride! The concept is simple, wear your best sweater every Wednesday! This simple concept unites the school through the power of cold weather clothing.

Halle Thompson and I are the proud founders of this Viking tradition. We institute Sweater Wednesday theme days, such as cat sweaters, Christmas sweaters, formal sweaters, turtleneck sweaters, and every sweater in between! Each week the student with the best looking sweater is also awarded with a very special prize of a scented candle. Sweater Wednesday co-founder Halle Thompson says, “Sweaters are wonderful and our unified body of students comes together to rock their winter wear!”

So next Wednesday don’t forget to dig your finest sweater out of the closet and wear that thing with pride! Whether a Viking or not, everyone can be a star on Sweater Wednesday, so don’t forget! As student body member Kahanna Pietsch says, “Don’t sweat it, wear a sweater!”