Art Professor: Kaya Osborn

Many young people remember a childhood where they dreamt of becoming an artist, musician, or the like, but few come to realize that ambition as they mature into young adults. Kaya Osborn is one of those few. At 16 years old, she has found her calling. While others of her age still scramble to find anything that they even slightly wish to pursue, she works hard to hone her skills and prepare herself for the competitive digital design/animation industry.


Osborn, Chilling as a Skeleton – Image Credit: Contributed Photo

“Visual art is definitely my passion,” said Osborn when describing how she feels about music in relation to visual art, “music is great, but I think it is definitely more of a hobby.” She was in 8th grade when she had the inkling that she wanted to become a professional artist, by the time she became a high school student she knew for sure. “I started taking art classes so I got exposure to different mediums, and at the same time I also befriended a person who really drew me into art,” explains Osborn. She further tells how her friend introduced her to Deviant Art, which is an online platform where artists can share their work, “I think that really inspired me,” she said, finding the idea that such a wide variety of art could be accepted at one place.

“I feel like art is under appreciated. It is becoming more appreciated now, which is great, but there are so many different job opportunities,” states Osborn, who understands the value of art in today’s society. She promotes the arts simply by being a part of it. Her positive attitude and infectious enthusiasm makes her a very amiable person, someone who gets along with nearly everyone. “She has a very good work ethic for her art and doesn’t shove it into peoples faces,” states Simone Hansen.


Brother Bandit, 2014

“She works hard on her art, practicing every day developing this half-realistic, half-comic book style that looks really great,” said Nico Pritchard. In fact, she seems to practice so much that multiple people have something to say about it, “My friend Kaya is a wonderful artist. She practices every day, especially during class,” mused Hansen. Her works can be easily distinguished from her peers not only because of her style, which is self-described as “between cartoon and realistic,” but also in consequence of her choice to put a message in each piece. She makes a point through her art, whether it’s political, social, personal, or otherwise.

Today, her works can be seen at school and occasionally around the community.