Give it a Shot: An athlete profile on William Coe

Six-year-old William did not want to go to a British soccer camp. However, after battling with his enthusiastic mother over the matter, he reluctantly decided to try it out. He was unsure at first, but after about a week of learning about the sport, he fell in love with it.


William Coe: A Class Act -Image Credit: Contributed Photo

William Coe, a senior on the Vikings soccer team, leads by example in his role as center defender. He is a captain of the team and pours his heart and soul into it consistently. The highlight of the season for William was the second half of the first game. “It was amazing to see how everyone worked together so well,” marvels Coe. “This year, the team is different. It is more like a family than a team.”

A real team-player on and off the field, William is a kind, smiling face who is always the first one on the scene if someone needs help. He is also an amazing golfer, an avid tennis player, and enjoys smooth jazz, science, and long walks on the beach.

William’s hope for the future of the Vikings soccer team is that they will “work as a team and think as a team,” always remembering that they need to function as a unit and trust each other.

You’re a true champ, William. Keep on keepin’ on.