Student of the Month: Kristian Freeman

Kristian Freeman / Photographer: Ryan Krisch-Derr

Congratulations to Kristian Freeman for being recognized as Orcas Island High School’s Student of the Month.

A well-known student in the Sophomore Class of 2025, Freeman is well known among his peers. Born on scenic Bainbridge Island, Freeman enjoyed the beautiful views as an infant before moving to Orcas Island at the age of two. Ever since, Freeman has lived on Orcas, enjoying sunny summers at Cascade Lake and rainy winters inside his home. Freeman has one older brother and is the son of Kyle Freeman, the OIHS and OIMS principal.

Sports have been an important part of Freeman’s life for many years. Freeman plays as a Winger on the OIHS Soccer Team and thoroughly enjoys the camaraderie the sport has to offer. In Freeman’s Freshman year, the soccer team was able to advance through the playoffs and win the WA State Soccer Championship for the 1B Division. This monumental accomplishment further cemented his love for soccer. In addition, Freeman plays both basketball and baseball, allowing him to maintain his agility for the soccer season.

Some of Freeman’s hobbies include sports and reading. Picking up a book and smelling its scent is just one of the few benefits Freeman attributes to reading. In terms of post-high school plans, Freeman is unsure of what he wants to pursue. Busy with sports and academics, he is focused on the present, hoping to learn more about his passions as he nears being an upperclassman.

“Kristian is either the most helpful guy you’ve ever met or the least helpful, and there’s no in-between,” remarked one of Freeman’s best friends, Forest Frausto. This reflection on Freeman is indicative of his charismatic, competitive nature, a nature that spreads to those he interacts with.

A bright smile and friendly demeanor make Freeman a popular and cherished member of the Class of 2025. Some niche elements of Freeman’s personality are not well known among the OIHS population. Freeman is extremely nostalgic towards Wii Sports Resort, a console-based game that captured the hearts of many children in the early 2010s. His favorite subject is AP World History, taught by beloved teacher Val Hellar. Freeman’s favorite teacher is Ryan Kennedy, a favorite among many owing to his caring personality, backward baseball cap, and motto “keep it classy.” Freeman also has webbed toes, a feature that allows for quicker swimming and more pain when accidentally stubbing his feet. One of Freeman’s biggest challenges is staying focused, partly due to the COVID pandemic. Months of online school and lockdown made distraction a core problem when trying to engage in online classes.

Whether it’s his gentle eyes or charming personality that students encounter, he is without a doubt one of the most confident leaders at OIHS. Thank you, Kristian, for being an Orcas Vikings role model in the Class of 2025.