Senior Projects

Senior Project Highlights —

Meriel Griffith (third from left) alongside participants of her senior project / Contributed Photo

What is your senior project?
A fundraising concert raising money for the San Juan County Autism Collaborative (SJCAC) and bringing awareness to their cause.
What inspired your project?
I love playing music with friends.
What was your biggest challenge in completing your senior project?
Organizing so many people to be together at the same time, and getting all the technical help.
What was your biggest success in completing your senior project?
Raising 800 dollars for the SJCAC.

Mona Evans presenting to middle school students / Contributed Photo

What is your senior project?
I guest taught a group of OIMS 6th graders. I designed and taught two lessons on Greek mythology, focusing on what makes a hero and the differences in ancient Athenian and Spartan cultures.
What inspired your project?
I’ve always been fascinated by ancient cultures, specifically ancient Greece, and I wanted to show and pass on my passion to younger minds.
What was your biggest challenge in completing your senior project?
Lesson planning, sharing my knowledge with people who do not know me, and getting over my fear of disapproval and public speaking.
What was your biggest success in completing your senior project?
Getting over my nervousness, getting my project done in crunch time, and preparing and teaching three classes.

Aidan Murray (left) during one of his community basketball games / Contributed Photo

What is your senior project?
Opening up the high school gym to encourage the community to get together and have
fun playing basketball.
What inspired your project?
I’ve always loved basketball and wanted to share that with the community.
What was your biggest challenge in completing your senior project?
Getting enough people to go.
What was your biggest success in completing your senior project?
I successfully organized and ran an event for over fifteen people of all ages.

— Senior Projects —

Thomas Anderson-Cleveland – New Tee Box Signs for Golf course
I built new tee box signs for the Orcas Island Golf course.

Brandon Cartisser – Diamond Guide book
A character guide for a book.

Aida Cruz Hernandez – The Making of Canvases and The Painting Process
My Senior Project was a great hands on project that I thought would make the school spirit stronger and special.

Maddox Davis – Wooden Bench made for Aprils Grove
A wooden bench with a metal frame. Pretty big, heavy, very cool looking, made for the joy of humans that like to sit.

Isabella Evans – New Student Handbook
I created a handbook for new students full of relevant information on school culture, teachers, and community/academic resources.

Mona Evans – Greek Myth and History
I researched and created lesson plans in Greek Mythology and history for middle school age students. I led and taught 3 classes on these subjects at OI Middle School.

Coral Forbes – Free menstrual products
Provided tampons for free throughout the school and community.

Gray Gailey – Humans of Orcas
Interviewed important members of the Orcas Island Community and posted the interviews online.

Elijah Giampietro – Benefit Concert for The Gathering of the Eagles
I hosted a benefit concert at Oddfellows on May 19th. We raised $800 to support the Coast-Salish Canoe Journeys and spread awareness.

Meriel Griffith – Fundraising Concert for the SJCAC
I organized all the details, including venue, times, and technical help, for a fundraising concert for the San Juan County Autism Collaborative. My goal was to raise money and share music with the community through some of our talented high school musicians.

Celia Groeninger – g-Rad Ramp
I built a ramp that will be part of the graduation ceremony to make it accessible for all and create a fun class tradition!

Pedro Guerra Banderas – ASB Makeover
I enjoyed my senior project it was fun organizing and making shelves for the ASB room.

Logan Jones – Building a Trebuchet
I built a Trebuchet and launched it for the Applied Physics class.

Hunter Knapp – Hoop Houses
I made collapsible hoop-houses for the school garden, as well as fix up a trellis.

Luke Knapp – The Presentation Paradox
Offered a presentation on public speaking to high school classes.

Justin Krisch-Derr – Viking Canvas Painting
I constructed a canvas frame and a floating wall frame to put it inside. On the canvas, I painted a new design of the OIHS Viking Logo and hung it up in the back stairwell for athletes to take a glimpse at before practices and games.

Ryan Krisch-Derr – Orcas Music: A Synopsis
I filmed and edited a documentary on the music program at Orcas Island School District. Made for the Musical Advocacy Group, it will be used to fund raise towards future school music expenses.

Diego Lago – How to Become a Baller
Basketball clinic focused on improving the skills needed to succeed at the high school level, as well as learning some fun games.

Christopher Mullan – School Map Directory
Welded a school map directory.

Aiden Murray – B-Ball Funday
I opened up the gym for the community to get together to have fun playing basketball
games and ending with friendly games of 5v5.

Roan Ontjes-DeGroot – Patos Lighthouse Historical Promotion
My project involved assisting the Keepers of the Patos Light in their endeavors, including presenting to middle schoolers on the history of the lighthouse, picking up beach trash on the island and creating a display box with a sign to educate visitors, writing story book captions on the history, and other tasks.

Jazmin Page – Celebrating alumni (Classes of 18-23)
Framed alumni pictures, classes of 2018 through 2023.

Carlie Rankin – Weather Station
Built a weather station for the School Garden.

Finnian Rubottom – Creating Creation
Created an interactive game based on the Coast Salish creation myth.

Maitri Shockley Grace – Rollering Skating Lessons
Provided roller skating lessons for Orcas youth.

Sebastian Spaulding – The Diamond Eye Series: A Retrospective
A creative project that involves me donating a book in collaboration with my friend Brandon who also has his own senior project relating to it.

Shaye Spinner – Cro-Shaye
I crocheted hats to donate to the cold weather shelter at Orcas Island Community Church. I also organized a beginner class to teach other people how to make their own hat.

Jack Spinnogatti – Power Hour (?)
I created new plaques for the high school weight room with the intent of reviving the weight lifting competitions at our school. I then hosted a day for all high schoolers to come in and challenge themselves to put their name up on the new wall of records.

Ella Weaver – Personal Hygiene
For my senior project I gave the 7th graders a presentation on the basics of Personal Hygiene and I also made a Kahoot game for us to play with prizes for the winners!

Paxton White – Orcas Island game-jam
People had a week to make a video game.

Samuel Wickstrand – Sam’s Seattle Sports Reports
As a TA for a high school class, I gave a weekly update on Seattle sports games.

Quin Wildman-Gossett – Composing
Composed a piece for the high school band to perform in concert.

Porter Willis – Clan Games Scoreboard
A scoreboard which keeps track of all clan scores in the clan games

Eava Wood – Tie dye workshop
My senior project was doing a tie dye workshop with the Funhouse kids. The purpose was to encourage creativity and to create a space where young kids can create something of they’re own.

Nisha Woolworth – Orcas Ignite
Invited business owners and professionals to speak to OIHS students to inspire them to pursue various career paths.