Pet pandemonium: top three featured pets

Look, all your guy’s pets are cute and all, but I really do not think anything could top my pets. Let us take a look at them so you can see why:


Ginger is super adorbs boxer who loves to play. Whenever I return home, she always grabs the nearest toy and wags her butt with the toy in her mouth, as if saying “Hi! Check this out! Hey!” Ginger loves ear rubs, and hogging the entire bed. Also, she has these cute zoomies where she runs around and then rolls on her back and wiggles everywhere. She is so adorable, I love her.



Lulu is the older sister, and definitely way more calm than Ginger is. She is a golden doodle who is a sucker for attention. Whenever you sit down, she will not fail to sit with you and wait for some pats. Our couch cover is white, so sometimes when she falls asleep, you can barely see that she is there. Lulu also loves to hog and completely ravage her plushie toys. 10/10 cuddler, I love her too.


She does not really know her actual name, since we have been calling her “Mowsie-mow-nows” ever since she was a kitten. Mowsie is either really cuddly or so antisocial it is honestly surprising that she is the same cat. My mom spoils her, so her morning routine is to wait and meow at the fridge until someone comes over and gives her some fish treats. Despite that, she will not eat regular fish. She just sniffs human food and then moves on (except for bananas; she loves bananas).

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