Pet Pandemonium: top three featured pets

Welcome back to another edition of Pet Pandemonium! This year, Viking Voice will be selecting three furry, scaly, feathery, or smooth friends to feature in each issue. To enter your pet into the roster, all you have to do is send in a slick photo and a few silly facts! With that being said, please welcome our three featured pets for this month’s Valentine’s edition:

Top Three Features

His Royal Highness, Princess Scout



Scout, a gluttonous French Bulldog, is a pretty little princess who was definitely inspired by Murphy’s example. He’s apparently very voracious; Scout is completely food-motivated. This pupper won’t care what you do to him as long as he gets a treat, which is why I presume he let his family dress him up in a hot-pink gown. Thank you for the registration, Your Highness. I encourage other contenders to walk in Scout’s footsteps. 11/10 dress, would giggle again.


Willow (left), and Wicket (right)


Willow & Wicket

Willow and Wicket are sibling Yin and Yang kitties, who love cuddling up together. Willow is a very timid feline who’s scared of everything and everyone, but her brother Wicket is super chill and relaxed all the time. Just look at how snuggly they are! All the love this Valentine’s is really warming my heart… Thanks for the registration!

Pirate (very smiley)


This Mini Australian Shepherd and Border Collie mix looks so smiley and I can’t help but smile too. Pirate has quite the heartwarming story, too. His family was initially returning to Orcas before they saw a Facebook post showing him for sale in Port Townsend. Immediately his family knew he was the one, so they instead left the ferry line to drive to Port Townsend and pick up this pupper. Pirate loves his home, clearly visible in this picture! Thanks so much for entering!



That’s all for this edition of Pet Pandemonium. If you’d like to enter your pet for a chance to be featured in this column, stay tuned for the next email registration! Stay awesome, have fun, live life to the fullest, and Happy Valentine’s Day!