Merry Stressmas: A Guide for Holiday Shopping


‘Tis the season of joy and lots of shopping / Photographer: Thian Armenia

It is the end of the year, and most of us don’t have many plans for others’ holiday presents, which can lead to a stressful situation. I’m going to share a few tricks and tips in order to make your holiday shopping as relaxing as possible.

It is the holidays, and most people are not going to be angry or disappointed if they do not get exactly what they want. If your gift is from the heart, then you can be nearly certain that people will appreciate you for giving it to them. Knowing this can help relieve your stress because you do not need to rack your brain trying to come up with the perfect gift; just plan on getting something you know they will like.

One way to avoid hassle is to avoid spending too much. Make yourself a budget and stick to it. You should plan on what you are going to get before you walk into the store to buy it. This can help you refrain from spending too much and also will help you narrow down what you want to get for someone into a practical cost range.

Go shopping when the stores are empty. This varies from store to store, but for most, there is a time when it is fairly empty and that time is the best to go holiday shopping. An empty store can help you focus on shopping instead of trying not to bump into the seven other people in aisle four. You can relax and take your time instead of being forced to move quickly and make hasty decisions.

Last of all, try to stay happy. The holiday season is about being with family and friends. It’s also about enjoying your hard-earned time off. Don’t be preoccupied with worries about presents, because as cheesy as it sounds, your presence is really the best present your family can ask for.