Santa with Letters Rearranged: A Perspective

Santa SpawnYes, that’s right, get over it: Santa Claus is a symbol of Satan, and here’s why. Now first, and obviously, the name Santa is just Satan when the letters are rearranged. Satanists love anagrams like this. As you might know, Walt Disney was once a member of a satanic cult, and if you rearrange the letters in the name of his character Goofy, you get fogoy, a very bad term used by satanists. Santa’s choice of a red vest is also suspect; many bad things are red, like demons, blood, fire, and anger. Last time I checked, people didn’t really wear red around unless they were either a pizza delivery man or a worshipper of Lucifer.

Santa’s trademark trade is spreading presents to the people of the world. To most this seems perfectly wholesome, but if you did a little reading, you’d notice the clear parallel to stories of the demon Beebledoo, who would spread swarms of plague-infected rats and snakes to the streets of Babylon. Santa’s roots in Babylon do not end there; his charming catchphrase “ho ho ho” is actually Babylonian for “never spare the innocents.” Thousands of parallels can be found between demonic figures and “Jolly” Old “Saint” Nicholas, like families leaving him milk and cookies every Christmas morning, similar to ritualistic sacrifices of animals and children by ancient civilizations to appease their vengeful gods.

Stories of Santa have probably already ingrained satanic values into your children. Children today are taught to write down their deepest wishes onto a sheet of paper, and told that they will come true as long as they have pleased the Dark Lord (Santa). Yes, today it might just be writing presents on a sheet of paper, but tomorrow your children are going to be circling around a sacrificial goat in the middle of the woods, chanting god knows what to ask for good fortune from old Father Christmas.