Is it real: a terrifying American tale of horror (spooky)

Science class gets interrupted by the lightning / Photoshopper: Theo Vaccarella

The end of the year is fast approaching and all are anxious for the summer of 2022. Just a few more weeks and you will be freed of the burden of homework, due dates, and tests. The days progress: breakfast, classes, second breakfast, classes, lunch, classes, and the day is done, or so it seems. For there is still homework to be done. There are positives though, you can see your friends, talk to one another during lunch. Several months ago it was different. Several months ago you were stuck in your home for the most part held to a screen, icons in the place of faces. But that was the past, and the past stays in the past for if the past did not stay in the past it would not be the past and the universe would implode upon itself many times over. One day in particular, the fatigue of staying up til two studying… how to beat the next level in your video game, causes you to drift off into a slumber. The energy drink you poured in your cereal in lieu of milk did not do its job, probably because in your sleep deprived haze you grabbed chicken broth. Regardless of your past choices you are presently unconscious in the middle of class. Fortunately, a movie is playing and as the lights are out your state of rest is not as apparent. Unfortunately, the bell rings and everyone else leaves and when the lights come on it becomes very apparent that you were asleep. You will be awake however in the next ten seconds due to several volts of electricity that jolt you awake causing you to wonder watt just happened. You awake to find yourself staring at a screen, not the projector screen the class was watching a movie on, but your computer screen displaying a message stating the google meet is over. Confused, you check the time, 11:55. What baffles you is not the time, but the date: June 8, 2019. It felt real, the past now the future felt real. Was it all just a fever dream brought up by staring into a screen for day after day? Where you live now the days fade into a blurry cycle of screen on, screen off, screen on, screen off. You want to get back to the future, but how? How about recreating the scene where you got transported. One small itsy bitsy tiny problem, you have no idea what movie was playing when you fell asleep. So to solve this itsy bitsy tiny problem one must go to google and type in “random movie generator” then proceed to buy the film. You have the slight feeling that it was not Bambi you fell asleep to but at this point all you can do is hope. Pressing play, you hope that you will be able to doze off while a baby deer frolics in flowers. You snap awake as a surge of energy wakes you. Taking a moment to ground yourself to your current whereabouts you can see that your little science project worked. What a realistic dream you think as you hurry out of the classroom. Later that evening you decide to watch a movie and are scrolling through your options. Something catches your eye, you look again, under the category Watch it Again you see the large innocent eyes of the fawn Bambi.