ARIES: You have always been one to take charge and be a leader. This month an zodiac_signsamazing opportunity is going to require your fearless leadership and you will be ready to take on the challenge!

TAURUS: Change has been in the air, Taurus, and you feel overwhelmed. Regardless, you have approached each situation thrown at you with serenity, making the best of the sudden shifts in your life. This month things will slow down, so take a breather and relax!

GEMINI: Your social life has been in overdrive mode these past months and it doesn’t look like it will slow down anytime soon. Expect your November calendar to be packed with new friends, events, and social gatherings Gemini!

CANCER: Home is where the heart is Cancer, and home is where you will find the most harmony this month. Family is very important to you, and November will bring you extra time to spend with the ones you love.

LEO: The weather may be cold this month but you are feeling hot, hot, hot! You’re on fire career wise, as you turn heads with your innovative ideas. Keep at it, Leo! A special someone has noticed, and it looks like romance is on the horizon!

VIRGO: You are always dependable Virgo, and this November your friends will need your care and comfort more than anything. Keep being an amazing friend, your efforts will result in an awesome reward by the end of the month!

LIBRA: Luck has not been on your side lately Libra, and you are starting to get discouraged. Don’t worry, November brings rain as well as great luck! You will be graced with great fortune that will last you the rest of the year!

SCORPIO: Drama, drama, drama. Last month seemed to be strangely identical to scenes of a bad high school comedy. No need for distress Scorpio, this month will be the complete opposite, free of drama and filled with fun!

SAGITTARIUS: Keep up the hard work, Sagittarius! November will be filled with work, deadlines, and due dates. You will be running around constantly, but a big bonus will come out of all this work, and you will be happy you have gotten so much done!

CAPRICORN: You like things to be organized, and that will come in handy this November. A  trip is coming up and your skills to coordinate will help make it happen. A fun filled time with friends is ahead of you!

AQUARIUS: You are a big thinker Aquarius, and that is awesome! Just remember, there is thinking and then there is overthinking. Romance is about to blossom, quit doubting yourself and go for it!

PISCES: November is a month of giving for you Pisces. Others will benefit from your charitable nature and that in turn will get you a great reward. Keep on giving, by the end of the month it’ll be worth it!