Only on Orcas: An Island, on an Island!

We really do live in a quirky and unique place. There are many things that make this island that we call home one of a kind. Only on Orcas will you find a whole variety of special stores, people, and many other things. That’s why now The Viking Voice is proud to present: Only on Orcas: an Island on an Island!

Only on Orcas Island

-Image Credit: Contributed Photo

The geography of Orcas Island is extremely unique. From our mountains, to our rivers, waterfalls, and beloved lakes. Fish are not the only thing these lakes have to offer! As many locals know, Mountain and Cascade Lakes have several different fun-sized islands on them. These peculiar islands are used by many different people, for many different things. Mostly the islands are used to play, have a good time, and take in the sun.

Like Moran State Park, the islands have lots of history. It is said that at one point, the little islands actually did not belong to Moran and were not state park property. That means at one point in time it was actually legal to hunt on those islands . . . but good luck hunting on about twenty feet of land. The islands are alive and well today, ready for generations of people to explore and discover many things that the small islands hold.

The islands themselves go by various names. It seems like different islanders call them many different things. It is said that the islands were officially named at one point, and could still be to this day, but those names have been buried under hundreds of other “locally given” names. Names that are as true to our island, as they are to our island on an island, that is why only on Orcas can you find an island, on an island.

Reader Question: Have you ever named the little islands in Mountain Lake? What did you name them?

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