Hallway Talk: excitement after finals week

Hunter and Logan show Ryan their displeasure / Photographer: Eve Eon

“Now that finals week is over, what are you most excited about?”

Logan and Hunter – Having free periods with our best friend Ryan, except he’s a liar and a loser and he stinks and he switched out.

Finn – The long, well-deserved break we get after finals is over (sarcasm).

Sera – Being able to start over in Comito’s class.

Scorpio and Jefferson – Way less stress, rest, and relaxation.

Ryan – Restarting my grades.

Soli – Quitting online Spanish.

Ethan – Not being three months behind in APUSH anymore.

Ross– Pokémon Go (we’re confused too).

Paxton– Beating people in chess more.

Aidan– Way less stress.