Ready, set, go

Shoe / Photographer: Ryan Krisch-Derr

As many of you know, there is a new spring sport at Orcas Island High School, a new track and field team. During 2018 plans for major reconstruction around the Orcas Island School District campuses were made. These projects included renovating the old gym, music rooms, fixing some fields, and adding a new track. 

Construction on the new soccer field and track began in the spring of 2019. After around a year of construction the track and field were complete. However, until recently, there was no track team to use it. 

Previously the only spring sports were baseball, softball, and golf. One student, Remi Lago, spearheaded the proposition of a track and field team. He recruited students and garnered interest in the program. After several months the team was approved. 

Track will join cross country as the two running based sports. However, if running isn’t your thing, there are a multitude of other events on track that you can pick and choose. These include shot put, discus, and javelin. Several more events may be added in the upcoming years granting students a variety of choices. 

If you do enjoy running you can pick sprints or distance running. There will also be hurdles for those who are interested. If you enjoy running and want to continue, you can also join cross country in the fall. 

For those interested in jumping, we will have several events including the long jump and hurdling. The beauty of track and field is that you can choose what you want to do. 

As one of the most diverse sports with plenty of options and lots of meets, I encourage all of you to get your friends to sign up and give track a shot.