Celebrating Halloween Orcas Style

Costume pops band and strings concert / Photographer: Tommy Sprenger

The spooky season is coming to an end, so let’s look back at some of the Halloween activities in which students participated. On Oct. 5 there was the high school band and strings costume concert, where students dressed as many different characters. If you were lucky enough to attend the show, the abundance of yellow and purple minions may have caught your eye. When asked why she chose to be a minion, Mirah Guzaskas said she liked being a part of the “minion gang” and felt included. Hazel Mckenzie said, “I’ve always idolized minions,” and Stella Dillard said, “I love minions because they are silly, goofy and they are yellow.” Along with the minions craze, we also saw fishermen, cowboys, Super Mario, James Bond, and many others.

For the official Halloween day, we saw even more minions, as well as someone in a stitch onesie, a witch, a Grim Reaper, Eminem, Elmo, and a salmon sushi roll. When Guzauskas was asked why she chose to be sushi, she said, “Well my mom has been hounding me for me to be a sushi roll for like five years now, and I finally said ‘Yes mom, you can make me a sushi roll costume if you really want to.’” We also saw costumes from “Beetlejuice”, “Coraline”, Guns N’ Roses, and “Friday the 13th”. Some people decided to do group costumes, like Hazel Mckenzie and Naia Buxbaum who dressed as Rikki and Cleo from “H20: Just Add Water”. Mckenzie said, “H20 Just Add Water is one of my top shows of all time and I love their Australian accents. I loved dressing up as Rikki.”

We want to thank the high school strings and band for a spectacular performance and congratulate everyone on their amazing costumes we got to admire. We hope you all had a great Halloween night.