Bocce Rolls Into Action

Chesher Plays Bocce

Michael Chesher takes aim for the pallino / Contributed Photo

Bocce ball is back and we are killin’ it! That’s right, everyone’s favorite sport at OHS is booming as the state champs move on to nationals. Once again, Vikings strap on their elbow and knee pads and cinch their helmets tightly as they step onto the field.

At state this last week, Vikings went head to head with the Hooverdamville Panthers during one of the most intense games we’ve seen in years. While the game started off slow with a ball color mishap, it soon picked up when the Orcas coach was ejected from the game after an illegal throw from the Panthers got fans and players enraged. Luckily, assistant coaches stepped in and the Vikings emerged victorious. Students and teachers have rallied around the sand court during matches supporting our team the entire season and it has paid off.

This year marks the biggest turnout we’ve ever seen for a sport with 98 students signing up. Of course, the coach had to choose the finest and most elite players so she narrowed it down to 90 of the school’s most erudite achievers. Nationals will be held on April 1 where the Vikings will be playing the Carolina Woodchucks in a vicious game of Bocce. Come support the Orcas Island Viking Boccers today!