New Animal Discovered On Orcas

The discovery of a strange new animal on Orcas Island has left scientists shocked. Although scientists are still uncertain of its origin, they do know its habits well enough to warn all people to stay away. This creature is not a creature of habit. It has a violent temper and is prone to loud noises and sporadic movement.


Rare close-up of recently discovered creature / Contributed Photo

You will hardly ever see a picture of this creature exhibiting normal behavior, as when it sees a camera it goes temporarily insane for reasons we do not yet understand. Although the creature seems to be of reasonable intelligence, when it is set with people it will often be unreasonably loud. If the creature is upset or confused with one of its own, it is prone to turning around and shaking at the one that angered it. When exited, the creature has been known to make a noise that sounds a bit like “Yahwaannagoh.” This noise will be repeated loudly several times. This overly thin creature is excessively prideful and does not take kindly to insult. It often becomes loud and rash, and lashes out quickly.

Extreme care should be taken if the creature is awoken before noon on a Saturday. It has been known to snarl and throw dirty socks in the general direction of the offender.

The animal is also lazy to the point that, if not prompted by others, it would not survive in its own natural environment, let alone a harsher setting. Although it may appear awkward and harmless, it can make you sick. Pest control urges people to stay away from this very large pest.