Western features Hansen video

Mikaela Hansen started playing music in second grade with Orcas Elementary’s music teacher, Pamela Wright. In the fifth grade Hansen started playing guitar and never looked back. “Music is a really great thing. It is an awesome way to vent in a creative and healthy way,” Hansen said, “I have been writing songs as long as I can remember. I always write when I’m inspired, and Western Washington University inspired me. It is the coolest place, and I’m so excited to be a part of the WWU community next year.”

Hansen wrote a song and sent it to WWU, hoping it would make her application stand out. She was surprised when the video of her song got so much attention. The passion that Hansen put into her song came from her motivation to get accepted.

Hansen was thrilled when WWU placed the video on their social media pages. “I was so nervous,” she explains, “but I am really glad I wrote and sent the song because through it I’ve met a lot of cool WWU people!”