The Promising Impact of Free School Lunches

The world renowned Chef Zach passing out some dogs / Photographer: Finn Rubottom

Lunch is a vital part of the school day: a time to chat with friends, attend club meetings, and for the daring few, to do homework (The Viking Voice does not endorse any specific time to do homework). Most importantly, though, it is a time to eat. In the past, lunches provided by the school were $2.50. Now, school lunches are free to all. Curious if this change in pricing has had an impact on other things besides student’s wallets, I sent out a survey. Out of 25 students who answered, 88 percent get school lunches at least once a week, 56 percent get school lunch every day. A majority of 64 percent are getting school lunches more often than when lunches were paid. When asked if anything had changed besides the price, one student said the portion sizes have increased. Another mentioned a dip in breakfast sandwich quality. Overall, students said there was no change in the lunches, but remain happy and well-fed.

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