Featured student: Soli Halabisky, Dancing Prodigy

Soli Halabisky flashes her signature smile / Photographer: Ryan Krisch-Derr

Congratulations to Solianna Halabisky for being this issue’s featured student.

Based on leadership, kindness, and academic excellence, The Viking Voice will select a student for every issue.

As a freshman here at OIHS, Halabisky stands out among the population. Originally born in New Zealand, she left home and sailed the Pacific Ocean for the first eight years of her life. After her long venture at sea, she settled to reside on Orcas Island and has lived here ever since. Halabisky loves the performing arts (especially circus) and spent her time during the pandemic dancing at the Orcas Center. Having fun, doing your best, and quoting from Mr. Kennedy, “staying classy”, are all ideals Halabisky aspires to. Coming up on Nov. 19 and 20, Halabisky will be performing at Orcas Center in “Come Stand in my Shoes”, an evening of dance in which all are welcome. Thank you, Solianna, for making OIHS a welcoming place

Soli’s Stats

  • Has an 11 year old sister named Seffa.
  • Mother is Tiffany Loney; dancer and former yoga instructor.
  • Dad is Bruce Halabisky, works for a boat charter company, previously did boat repairs.
  • Performed in “Billy Elliot” in 2018, “Mamma Mia” in 2019, as well as the first and second productions of “The Roasted Nut.”
  • Her wingspan is 5 feet 1 inch.
  • Traveled to Madagascar, stolen by villagers for having blonde hair.
  • Went through the Panama Canal at age seven.
  • Taught herself how to surf in Hawaii at age eight.
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