The Dreams of Sleep-Deprived Students

Zimbardo in "The Great British Baking Show"

Zimbardo in “The Great British Baking Show” / Artist: Birdie Greening

I went around the school and asked various students to recall their most recent dreams. These were their responses:

Nisha Woolworth: “There were two people (who are going to remain unnamed out of respect) and they asked me to guess what kind of deodorant they were wearing. One of them smelled like roses and the other smelled like Axe. I told the person who smelled like roses that they were wearing perfume, not deodorant, and the one who was wearing Axe that they need to find a better brand of deodorant.”

Izie Janecek: “I had been watching a TED talk by Philip Zimbardo (the man who conducted the Stanford Prison Experiment), and I was really scared. So, I had a dream that Philip Zimbardo’s face was mixed with the face of Phil, a real contestant from “The Great British Baking Show,” and this new person was competing in “The Great British Baking Show.” In the middle of the competition he had a stroke, and was rushed to the hospital. When I went to visit him in the hospital, he had a white sheet over his face, and when I pulled back the sheet it was just Philip Zimbardo’s face, not Phil’s and Philip’s face, and I was very scared.”

Arla Sutton: “[I] had a dream that I got a note in the mail [saying] that I was going to jail for two years because I was bad at reffing the middle school soccer game.”

Eava Wood: “I dreamed that my dog and cat had a kid and it looked like a cow-bird hybrid, and his name was Julius. He got accepted to Harvard and I came to visit him, only to find that [my sister] Corrah had become a frat boy and shared a frat house with him.”