The Class of 2022: Where are they going to?

The Class of 2022 / Contributed Photo


Lokahi Anuenue: Hawai’i
Living on Big Island, Hawai’i

Jaya Griesemer: Washington
Taking a gap year on Orcas before attending either Western Washington University or Whitman College

William Ibarra Garcia: Washington
Studying at Bellingham Technical College

Lorraine Lamai Rierden: Japan
Attending a 2-year language school in Kyoto, Japan

Tayla Malo: Hawai’i
Attending Brigham Young University

Uma McMurray: New York
Studying psychology at the Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts at the New School in New
York City

Christopher Meadows: California
Working in the film industry in Los Angeles

Fletcher Ness: No Submission
Exploring life

Raul Orantes: Washington
Studying to become an electrician at Bellingham Technical College

Pablo Rodriguez: Washington
Working on island

Odi Salinas-Cruz: Washington
Attending Bellingham Technical College

Carter Smith: Washington
Taking a gap year on Orcas before attending community college in Washington

Gus Smith: Washington
Working and establishing myself as a member of society

Toby Smith: Washington
Majoring in economics at Western Washington University

Alecia Talbot: Washington
Attending esthetician school

Cailin Tucker: Washington
Working and taking classes at a community college before transferring to the University of
Hawai’i at Manoā

Jai Wachtel: Washington
Attending Whatcom Community College

Willow White: Oregon
Attending Reed College

Corrah Wood: Washington
Working on island





(P.S. do not credit Eve Eon with this, this is all the seniors, but they do not have WordPress accounts for this.)